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Matt Graham - Lucky or Comeback King?

25 June 2009 , By: compncards
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Matt Graham won his second WSOP bracelet the other night, winning the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha World Championship. His bracelet win paralleled his first bracelet win in so many ways. I was on hand covering Graham’s first bracelet win last year in the $1,500 Limit Holdem Shootout. The final table drug on well into the morning hours and at one point, Graham had a crippled stack.
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PPA Stupidly Restricted

4 22 June 2009 , By: Charlie River
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The Poker Players' Alliance makes a strong effort to make poker accepted by society. But they narrow their case unnecessarily. They play holdem with one card. The single-argument line of the PPA is that poker is a skill game.

Jeff Lisandro Is a Stud

22 June 2009 , By: compncards
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Jeff Lisandro is a stud…. player. 3 bracelets in stud variants? What the hell? I was happy to see Jeff win his first bracelet in 2007 in 7 Card Stud and I thought it was a nice anomaly that he won his 2nd in the same event. Now, he has won the Stud 8 or Better World Championship.
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Five Months

18 June 2009 , By: compncards
I’ve done a few things this trip to Vegas that I normally do not do. First, I normally do not play any type of table games or any of the games that the house has a huge advantage. However, this trip I decided I would try my hand at some Roulette and I have played a bit of the Big Six wheel spin game. I haven’t bellied up to the blackjack tables yet because I frankly get bored with the game easily.
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I'm Phil Ivey, Bitch

14 June 2009 , By: compncards
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Another day, another bracelet. Such is the life of “The Man” Phil Ivey. Phil Ivey took down his 7th bracelet tonight when he won the $2,500 ½ Omaha Hi-Lo ½ Stud Hi-Lo event. He added another in a long line of mixed bracelets to his resume.
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My Event 26 at the WSOP

13 June 2009 , By: compncards
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I played in Event #26 on Saturday, which was the $1,500 Limit Holdem event. To sum up my day in one word…ugh. I have not seen such a weird bunch of suckouts and outdraws in a row in my life. Limit Holdem is famous for its bad beats and people sucking out, but I have never in my life seen 10 sets outdraw in the court of 2 hours at one table.
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Lady's Poker Journal

3 12 June 2009 , By: Lady Junkie
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Dear Gentleman Poker Players; It was only a short time ago when we were not common place in your smoke filled basement rooms laced with testosterone where you patted our behinds for bringing your drinks and lighting your cigars. The women of your time who dared face you down and pronounced the courage to sit at a table and endure your disparaging remarks and stares paved the way for a new generation of women poker players. When the poker boom rocketed women into poker you called us names, accused us of belonging to “man hating clubs” and had a tough time accepting that the person playing next to you was not part of the good old boys club but actually someone who could have been your mother/sister/teacher or grandmother. You forced many into an online life of solitude, pretending to be a man to avoid confrontation.
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