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Forgive Mark McGwire - Forget Russ Hamilton

13 January 2010 , By: compncards
Mark McGwire 300x253
In many sports, when a player makes a big mistake, many of us will forgive that player if they come clean and apologize. Earlier in the week, former St. Louis Cardinals superstar Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids during his career. While this was not a surprise to anyone, McGwire has dodged the question for a long time.
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Did You Hear? Norman Chad Cashed at the WSOP

12 January 2010 , By: compncards
Norman Chad 212x300
For those of you that didn’t watch ESPN’s WSOP Main Event coverage, Norman Chad cashed at the WSOP this year. Sunday night, I actually sat and watched about 3 hours worth of the Main Event for the first time in a long time. I must admit that part of it was due to the fact it was the only thing on among the paltry few channels my hotel room had. The other reason was the fact that Ivey was getting a lot of face time.
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Daniel Negreanu the Angle Shooter

11 January 2010 , By: compncards
Apparently people are calling Daniel Negreanu an angle shooter for some actions that he took at the PCA. At the river, Negreanu raised a bet from his opponent. The opponent thought Negreanu called and then after being told that Daniel raised, the player attempted to reraise. Daniel then called for a ruling.
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RIP Amir Vahedi

3 10 January 2010 , By: compncards
2003amir vahedi
I found out tonight that the poker world has lost one of its great characters.   Amir Vahedi has passed away from complications from diabetes.   For those that are not quite sure where to place that name, Vahedi finished 6th in the 2003 WSOP Main Event.   Vahedi was also known for his trademark cigar and his fondness of check-raising.

PokerStars Announces North American Poker Tour

7 January 2010 , By: compncards
PokerStars announced today that the North American Poker Tour is officially a go.   The current PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will serve as the first ever NAPT event.  The first US NAPT event will be next months DeepStack Extravaganza at the Venetian in Las Vegas. The Main Event of these events will be televised and Joanna Kruppa.
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Not Much Going On...Except...

4 January 2010 , By: compncards
How it going out there poker junkies? Hope you had fun at all your New Year's parties. So, I am trolling around and looking for something interesting to talk about. At present not much is going on in the world of poker. Well, ok, not interesting to me anyway.
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The End of Work – What Will You Do when the Robots Come?

30 December 2009 , By: Charlie River
When robots take over all monotonic working tasks and the amount of work left for us humans go down abruptly, what will you do to make a living? The question was brought up by poker author David Sklansky[http://blogs. twoplustwo. com/davidsklansky/2009/12/26/a-second-economic-political-hypothetical-question/], who often blogs about topics unrelated to poker but usually vaguely related to probabilistic and mathematical thinking in general. When the robots take your job The End of Work[http://www.
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