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Tonight They're Playing Poker Like it's 1989

12 March 2010 , By: compncards
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Daniel Negreanu recently made a statement that PEMM wasn't going to help Phil Hellmuth play better but instead, Phil needed to employ LTPB or "Learn to Play Better. "  Well, whether it was PEMM, LTPB, or Diet Pepsi, Phil has made the final table of the Bay 101 Shooting Stars WPT Event.   He spent a good part of Thursday as the chip leader and will enter the final table 2nd in chips behind Andy Seth. Seat 1 - Hassan Habib - 455,000 Seat 2 - Phil Hellmuth - 1,433,000 Seat 3 - Andy Seth - 2,164,000 Seat 4 - Matt Keikoan - 371,000 Seat 5 - McLean Karr - 111,200 Seat 6 - Daniel O'Brien, 1,129,000 Personally, I am rooting for Phil.
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Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! UB Cancels Aruba Poker Classic : (

11 March 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
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Ultimate Bet announced in a press release yesterday that it will be cancelling its 2010 Aruba Poker Classic due to budget cuts in order to pay Joe Seboks salary.   No, not really, but they did cancel the event. After traveling to Asia, Europe, Australia and across the US for poker I have to say that Aruba is, errr, was my favorite tournament stop and I'm sad to see it go. Here is a blog I wrote after the 2009 Aruba Poker Classic: Yummm Aruba Aribe mmmmmm.
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The Hottest Woman in Poker According to Maxim is....Seriously?

5 11 March 2010 , By: compncards
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I used to have some respect for Maxim, but after the recent article, I have to wonder.   While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I just don't get how Maxim can claim that Tiffany Michelle is the hottest woman in poker.   Charlie River, did you get a gig moonlighting at Maxim? TwoPlusTwo forum posters are probably the harshest in the world, but they do prove a point.   She isn't all that terribly hot.
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Poker Legislation under the Table – Again?

10 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
Stricter online poker legislation (UIGEA) was smuggled in under the radar, embedded in an unrelated terrorist legislation (Safe Port act). Now online poker could very well be smuggled out of its prison cell and regulated, again under the radar embedded in a tax legislation (Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act)! There’s a kind of logic in this. A certain consistency. Poker is something that you consistently avoid mentioning.

Welcome to Bizarro World

10 March 2010 , By: compncards
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Phil Hellmuth is a cash game genius, T. J. Clouiter wins consistently at craps, and Kathy Liebert is the top pro on Full Tilt Poker.   After my last few days of playing online, I am convinced that the prior statements are indeed true as I think I have officially moved into bizarro world.
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Field Testing the Chutzpah Monitor

1 9 March 2010 , By: foldsworth
chutzpa hat
Although it hasn’t been manufactured on a commercial scale as of yet, you may have heard of it through the grapevine; the revolutionary device called the Chutzpah Monitor. It is a device similar to a gaydar that measures the subject’s alpha brainwaves to determine his exact amount of chutzpah at any given moment. We know that the average amount of chutzpah has increased dramatically among poker players (and perhaps society at large) during the last few years, but attempts at gauging a reasonably accurate amount in individuals have not been successful. However, I have now put together a device that uses very specific electroencephalography that measures neural electron migrations at a molecular level and translates it into an accurate chutzpah reading.

Duke Headsup Champion – Women Rule

8 March 2010 , By: Lady Junkie
annie duke.6018
*Annie Duke won the national Headsup Championships after defeating a number of guys. The guys weren’t even good looking. * * *Someone please give me a little resistance* * Darvin Moon Paul Wasicka Jerry Yang Dennis Phillips Erik Seidel 1 Annie Duke $500,000 2 Erik Seidel $250,000 3 Dennis Phillips $125,000 4 Scotty Nguyen $125,000 5 Jerry Yang $75,000 6 Peter Eastgate $75,000 7 Doyle Brunson $75,000 8 Jason Mercier $75,000 9 Paul Wasicka $25,000 10 Barry Greenstein $25,000 11 Annette Obrestad $25,000 12 Eli Elezra $25,000 13 Phil Laak $25,000 14 Gabe Kaplan $25,000 15 Jamie Gold $25,000 16 Chris Moneymaker $25,000.

My Heroes: Poker Sites without Casino

3 8 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
*Poker sites that don’t offer casino are my heroes. Here’s why. * *Casino games are a fine and greedy kind of robbery* *These poker sites are my heroes in this sordid world. * Poker Stars Full Tilt Poker.

Real Action at the EPT Berlin

1 7 March 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Poker can be pretty boring from an outsiders point of view, but that's not the case today!! Some real action occurred at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin when six men stormed the hotel and robbed the PokerStars EPT of over €800,000 (that's almost the amount guaranteed to first place)! You can watch the what the robbery looked like from the tournament floor as the live coverage from PokerStars TV caught the action. [youtube]http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=QFn3XxRWcO0[/youtube] All poker media outlets have been reporting on it and my favorite so far is Pokernews turning CNN.
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