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WSOP Coverage Day 5 - Shootouts, Bubbles, and the $50,000 Final Table

2 June 2010 , By: compncards
Daniel Negreanu 430x286
Day 5 here at the World Series of Poker is well underway and there is a lot of poker action going down. The $5,000 NL Holdem shootout is underway. 358 players are playing in the event. A lot of big names are in the field including durrrr, Jennifer Harman, Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Erik Seidel, Andy Bloch, etc.
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2010 World Series of Poker Day 4 Second Update - Classic Photos From the WSOP So Far

1 June 2010 , By: compncards
Gank Drunk 430x286
I wish that I could tell you that it has been an exciting evening here at the 2010 World Series of Poker. Granted, there has been a lot of great poker going on, but there really hasn’t been any off the wall stories to tell. The $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship is now in the money. Andy Bloch was the first player to bust after the bubble burst.
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2010 World Series of Poker Day 4 - Girls, Girls, Girls

1 1 June 2010 , By: compncards
Phil Hellmuth 430x286
Some days at the WSOP are slower than others. This happens to be one of them. While it is true that there are four tournaments going on, that doesn’t always mean that there are lots of interesting things going on. Day 2 of both Event #3 and Event #4 are underway.
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2010 World Series of Poker Day 3 - Day 1b of $1,000 NL Underway

30 May 2010 , By: compncards
Frank Wilburn 430x286
Today kicked off Day 1b of the $1,000 NL Holdem Event here at the 2010 WSOP. As some of you know, blogger Frank Wilburn registered in this event. I personally did not get here in time to see this event kick off but Frank did hang in there long enough for me to get there and get a shot of him. Looks like he is having my Day 1a yesterday.
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Today is the day

30 May 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Here it is.   Today is the day I play in my very first WSOP event.    And let me say that I am excited.   Yesterday we decided we wanted to play some card, so we went down to the Excalibur and played in the 9am $25 tourney.

2010 WSOP Day 2 - My Event #3 and Oh Look I Got 9-2 Again!

30 May 2010 , By: compncards
Goal 400x300
Today was the start of Event #3, the $1,000 NL Holdem Event. I got up and was well rested for today’s event and did most of my usual preparations. I arrived to the Rio about an hour early for the event and decided to hang out in the media tower until the start of the event. I didn’t want to be packed into a hall with potentially 3,000 other players.
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I have arrived

1 29 May 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Well my plane landed here in Las Vegas with no problems.   We got our rental car and drove out to the house.   I am staying in a house this time around instead of the hotels.   Its a great house and I think I will be much more comfortable  and relaxed here.

2010 World Series of Poker Day 1 Second Update - $50,000 Players Championship Underway

29 May 2010 , By: compncards
Jack Effel 50k 400x300
The $50,000 Player’s Championship has officially begun. Ceremonies started at 5 PM PDT with a brief introduction by Jack Effel. He quickly explained the new structure of the event, which is an 8-game structure. He then proceeded to have each previous living champion stand up and be recognized.
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