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WSOP Main Event Final Table is in Two Days

5 November 2009, By: compncards
final table 300x204
final table 300x204

The final table of the WSOP Main Event kicks off in just 2 days. The buildup to this year’s final has been much better than last year. This year, we have perennial pro Phil Ivey making his first Main Event final table and trying to come from behind to win it all. We also have the “next Moneymaker” in Darvin Moon. The logger from Oakland, MD does not even own an email account, but stands as the chip lead and could potentially win the biggest prize in poker. If he wins, he claims that he will pretty much fade into obscurity other than to play the WSOP Main Event each year. We will see.

The two short stacks, James Akenhead and Antoine Saout have been making headlines but do not expect either to really make a run at this title. One or the other should be first out and I don’t expect either to get much above 7th place. The player I think is the real wild card is Kevin Schaffel. During the WSOP Main Event, he had to share a room with a buddy because of dwindling finances. Now, after making both the November Nine and finishing runner-up at Legends of Poker, money isn’t as big of an issue. That coupled with the confidence of knowing he can play well in a big event may give him the added boost to get over the top.

Of course, most everyone expects me to pick Ivey to win, and I will not disappoint. However, that is more of a preference to win. I honestly think that if Ivey gets chips, he makes at least heads-up. If Ivey does not make heads-up, you will probably see Eric Buchman take it down. Buchman has been on the cusps of greatness before and fell short. I think he falls short again in all honesty.

Darvin Moon will finish 3rd or 4th. He has hinted he will probably rock up and try to move up the money. This will bite him in the ass in regards to winning. At the same time, I can’t blame him. With his background, each money jump represents a lot of money to him. Ivey could care less, he just wants to win.

No, I do not give Jeff Shulman any chance to win. I will comment no further on the trash man.

Hopefully the online radio coverage is as solid this year as it was last year. ESPN’s coverage was honestly lacking. Of course, it was the first time round. If Ivey makes heads-up, expect a lot of coverage of the heads-up match, unless Ivey has a 40 to 1 chip lead.

A long weekend of poker is ahead for us folks. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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