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WSOP Main Event Day 8 Update - Sponsorship Battle, Eliminations, & Double Ups

17 July 2010, By: compncards
No Patch 430x286
No Patch 430x286

Day 8 is finally here.

This will be the last day of play for the Main Event until the final 9 come back in November to play out the 9-man SNG for the ~9 million first place.

Battle of Sponsors

As per WSOP rules and regulations when players are on a feature table only 3 players can wear a logo for a single site. What this means is on a table full of 9 players, only 3 can wear Full Tilt Patches and 3 can wear PokerStars patches.

Whenever more than 3 are at the table a decision has to be made. We are not privileged to know how they decide who the lone man out will be, maybe they draw straws or flip a coin.

We also don't know if by having to remove their patch if they still receive the money promised in the contract that they signed. So far today we have noticed that John Dolan is without the Full Tilt patch he was wearing throughout the day yesterday. Currently wearing Full Tilt logos on his table are Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Scott Clements and John Racener.

Before play started Ty Stewart walked around to each table and told players that they are characters on television now and that whatever patches/logos they currently had on are the ones they are locked into for the day. They are not allowed to change (add or remove) patches at all today. If they do make a change they will receive a penalty.

Quick Eliminations

The first elimination of the day came when the 88 of John Lodden couldn't hold against the AT of Matt Affleck.

Shortly after, Matthew Bucaric was eliminated in 26th place when his 99 could not hold against the flush draw of Filippo Candio. The next player to be sent to the rail was Mads Wissing when he got in after a flop of 6c3hTh with Ts8s.

His opponent, William Thorson, had Jc3c for bottom pair. When the Jh turn card was revealed Wissing was left drawing to one of the remaining two 3s.

Ronnie Bardah was eliminated in 24th place when he shoved his AhKh into the AA of Filippo Candio - that marks the 2nd elimination of the day for Candio.

Each player that has been eliminated up to this point is taking home $317,161. The next pay increase happens when the field is down to 18, and at that time players will receive $396,967. For surviving the day and becoming a part of the 2010 November 9, each player will be guaranteed $811,823.

Hasan Habib

Coming into the day Hasan Habib was the short stack with 1.51 million. Being on the short stack is definitely no new thing to Hasan as he rode the short stack for the majority of the day yesterday.

Today he stared on the outer, non-feature table but was moved to the ESPN Feature table shortly after Matthew Bucaric was eliminated.

Not too long after he got moved to the table he was all in with pocket 4s against KQ of Matthew Jarvis. The board ran out safely giving Habib the first of many doubles.

On the second from last hand of the first level of the day Habib was all in again. This time he was holding AK against the 9s of David Baker. All the drama of a possible bust out was shot down when the flop came Ks7d4c, the turn and river brought no 9s giving Habib another double up. He is now up to over 4 million in chips.

Continue to follow us as we bring updates from the floor throughout the day. Players are now on a 20 minute break.

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