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WSOP Main Event Day 8 Third Update - More Eliminations, Redraw

18 July 2010, By: compncards
Crowd 200x300
Crowd 200x300

We are still averaging 4 eliminations per level as the first 2 levels saw 8 players go. Will the next two levels bring the same?

Fourth Level

Players came back for the third level of the day with the blinds at 100k/200k and antes of 30k. With 19 players left we were waiting on only one more player to be eliminated before a full-field redraw would happen.

Michiel Sijpkens out in 19th

Sijpkens made a climb up the chip counts briefly before finally plummeting down and then out of the tournament. His final hand he had pocket jacks against the KQo of John Racener. Being unable to win the race meant that Sijpkens would be the player that resulted in the table redraw to finally happen.

Final 18 Redraw

The final 18 redraw was probably the most hectic scene that I had seen within the Amazon room, besides maybe the money bubble back on Day 4.

Today's redraw was beyond chaotic as players were sent from one table then back to the original section and fans were running around trying to get the best viewing spot for their friend or family member. Security could not keep fans off the stage or just keep any type of order.

From 18 to 15 Left

Once play finally got back underway there was about 1 hour and 30 minutes left on the clock. With one player being eliminated in the first quarter of the 32nd level the bustouts were still on pace for the average of 4 per level.

Before the level finished 3 more players were eliminated and 5 were left with around half a million or less. Here is a list of the most recent eliminations:

  • 18th - Scott Clements

  • 17th - David Baker

  • 16th - Benjamin Statz

After-Dinner Rush

Brutal Beat


Hasan Finally Habib'd

Quick Bust Outs

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  • stef 18/07/2010 11:47am (11 years ago)

    hectic stuff...well written,for a sec i thought i was actually there!