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WSOP Main Event Day 8 Second Update - Almonds, More Eliminations, Movers

18 July 2010, By: compncards
250k chips 307x300
250k chips 307x300

After seeing the elimination of 4 players in the first level of play on Day 8, cards are back in the air for the 2nd level with the blinds at 80k/160k and a 20k ante.

Almonds Anyone?

Coming out of the break the floor introduced the almond chips that are worth T250,000. The next color will be mint, so I guess we will have to stick with the almond name.

More Eliminations

Coming back from the break, in one of the first few hands at the outer table Robert Pisano was eliminated in 23rd place. He was involved in a hand just before the break happened where he saw all but 320k of his stack get moved to another player at the table.

When the players returned from the break Pisano got those chips into the middle with Js9d against the Qs8c of Pascal LeFrancois. The QhTs2c flop brought a little sweat for Pisano but a 2s on the turn and Jd on the river meant his Main Event was over.

William Thorson was eliminated in 22nd place after he got his JdTd in against the KsKd of John Racener. The flop did bring two diamonds but the board ran out two low black cards to seal the deal.

Redmond Lee was the next player to be eliminated (21st place) when he got his pocket 4s all in against the pocket 10s of Michiel Sijpkens.

The fourth elimination in the second level of the day was courteous of Soi Nguyen, whose KhQc eliminated Patrick Eskandar in 20th place. Eskandar had the shot at getting a triple up after he moved all in preflop and was called by both Nguyen and Pascal LeFrancois.

After the flop Nguyen raised LeFrancois out of the hand which meant the players were now heads-up.

Moving On Up

One of the biggest movers today has been John Racener as he started the day off with 10.4 million and now has around 26 million. Another player that is making the move up the board is Jonathan Duhamel who started with 10.5 million and currently has 20.5 million.

The biggest mover of the day so far though is Filippo Candio who started the day with 10.02 million and after catching a straight on the river against Joseph Cheong, who was the chip leader coming into the day, is now the chip leader with 27 million.

Besides Joseph Cheong, who dropped down to 12 million after the big hand against Candio, Soi Nguyen has been one of the biggest droppers today as he started with 23.1 million and has dropped almost 10 million down to 14.1 million.

Players are now on their second break of day. See you guys during the 3rd level.

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