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WSOP Main Event Day 7 Update - Survivor No More, Agents, and the New Moat

16 July 2010, By: compncards
Bellande 200x300
Bellande 200x300

Coming into day 7 of the Main Event we had 78 players remaining, but by the end of the day we will only have 27 left (no matter how many levels we have to play).

You Have Been Voted Off....Again...

Today we saw the elimination of Jean-Robert Bellande. He was not voted off like he was on Survivor but he did get sent packing.

At one point yesterday he was sitting comfortably with just a little over 2.1 million in chips, which was about average at the time, after his AA held against the KQ of David Peters. Before the end of the night though he had lost two-thirds of that when Juha Helppi moved all in, which meant Bellande would have had to put in all but 400k.

Bellande mad the comment "I don't think I can fold" before he finally tossed his cards into the muck.

Coming into the day he had 700K and was sitting on the ESPN Feature table but he became the first elimination of Day 7. He found himself all in with QdTd against the AhQc of Duy Le. Unable to catch a ten he was eliminated in 78th place.

Vultures Swarming

Over the past few days we have noticed an influx of short guys that attempt to look well dressed. After a little bit of research we have found out that these little guys that have no clue what boundaries mean are in fact poker agents, or whatever you want to call them (we prefer to refer to them as vultures).

Before play, during breaks, heck even during play these vultures swarm through the Amazon room looking for any players that are not already signed with a poker room - or whatever it is that they are trying to represent.

They come walking through the media moat, at times even going within the main ropes to try and garner a deal with the players in between hands. We even had then walking through the press box, at one time even confronting another member of the media after he did not like what had been reported on his player.

Earlier this week some members of the media started adding little signs to our restricted access sign, it started with the "Agents Too: (You Vampires)", then had "And Spectators (And Hookers)" added, before finally the last bit had been added "....And Especially Steve Frezer!" Yes the the last part is misspelled, my only guess is that it was put on by one of the Frenchies.


Media Moat Galore

Today when we got into the Amazon room we were greeted by the new moat. We had a little bit more space, in some areas, and on one side of the room we now have 3 stages that we can stand on to better view the action on the tables.

We have considered playing king of the mountain or even doing some stage diving into the crowd. So far I have not witnessed any spectators attempt to move up onto the stage, though some of our extra space has been eliminated thanks to some of them trying to get a little closer to the action. Guess it is time to throw some more elbows.


Come back for the closing update from day 7 later today, that is unless I get beat up by one of the many spectators that I try to take out.

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