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WSOP Main Event Day 7 Closing Update - Bryn's Gamble, Mizrachi's Roller Coaster, and Final 27

17 July 2010, By: compncards
Kenny 200x300
Kenny 200x300

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Day 7 is finally in the books. We were looking at a very long night here at the Rio but amazingly the remaining 27 players have bagged up their chips and left the Amazon room (well except for the last few doing interviews).

Bryn Kenney Gambles......

....and loses. A major discussion amongst the reporters left in the press box was about the few players that refused to sign the standard deal the agent vultures were offering up to any player that was not already wearing a patch.

Kenney had decided to take the gamble that he would survive into Day 8 and be able to negotiate a much better deal. Unfortunately for him his gamble did not pay off as he was eliminated in 28th place, the bubble boy of Day 8.

Roller Coasters are Fun

But they are only fun when you are at an amusement park and usually are a bad thing when you are referring to them in a poker tournament.

Today that was a very accurate description when talking about Michael Mizrachi's stack. He started out the day with 7.535 million, at one point was down to around 2 million and then finished the day with 6.3 million.

It is already being discussed that this is the year of the Mizrachis rather than what was originally dubbed as the year of the women. Tomorrow Michael will attempt to make it to his 4th final table of the 2010 series. Earlier in the year he won the $50k Players Championship and then final tabled the 7-card stud tourney along with a limit hold'em tourney.

Final 27

With the elimination of Bryn Kenney the final 27 was finally etched into the history books.

Well, it would have been if such things were put into history books. And really who will remember all the members that were in the final 27?

Only those that are in the 2010 November 9 will be remembered, and then those will only be remembered until the 2010 champion is crowned. Coming into Day 8 Joseph Cheong has the chip lead with 24.49 million, followed closely by Soi Nguyen who has 23.1 million.

The short stack starting tomorrow will be Hasan Habib who has 1.51 million. He is no stranger to being the short stack as he has been in that position for the majority of Day 7.

Join us tomorrow as we eliminate 18 more players and finally find out who the 2010 November 9 will be. Hopefully I survive one of my last few nights out on the town here in Vegas to actually make it in to do some reporting.

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