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WSOP Main Event Day 6 Update - Chan Gone, Bigger Stacks

15 July 2010, By: compncards
J Chan 200x300
J Chan 200x300

Day 6 has begun but not with a few fireworks. What will the day have in store for us? We started the day with 205 players left in the field, before the end of the day we will be under 100.

Who will moving up the chip counts and who will be moving on with their lives? We have no clue what the schedule has in line for us today, could be 5 full levels, could play 4. Heck we could even stop sometime in the middle of the 3rd one if bustouts happen too fast.

Johnny Chan Eliminated

Coming into the day Johnny Chan was 9th in chips with 2.559 million, but it wasn't good enough to help him survive running into aces two times in the first two hours of play.

The first time he ran into aces he had just been moved to the table. He was dealt into the big blind and got into a raising war with Robert Pisano that ended with Pisano being all in. When the cards were flipped up Pisano had AsAc while Johnny was holding KhKc.

The board ran out with no cards above 10 and all but 737k of Johnny's stack was slid across the table.

Just before the first break Chan ran into aces again, this time with JsJd and all in against the AsAc of Jonathan Driscoll. Unable to catch any of the remaining jacks or even some sort of a draw to make his opponent sweat a bit, Chan was eliminated in 156th place and took home $57,102.

First Above 4 million...5 million

With the double up that Robert Pisano got via Chan's KK he moved above 4 million in chips. By the time we made it to the first break of the day Pisano had moved above the 5 million mark. He was followed into the 5 million club with about 30 minutes left in level 22 by Michael Mizrachi. The other Mizrachi brother, Robert, is currently sitting with around 360k.

Robert Pisano

Steadily Dropping

After one and a half levels have been completed today a total of 133 players are left. That means in the first 2.5 hours of play today we have seen 72 players head to the rail, and the increase of payouts go from $48,847 to $57,102. The next pay jump will come once we have moved to under 100 players left. At that point the players will be guaranteed $67,422, then pay jumps come as every 9 players are eliminated.

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