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WSOP Main Event Day 6 Closing Update - Breezes, Celebration, and More....

16 July 2010, By: compncards
Candio 200x300
Candio 200x300

Only 78 players have survived Day 6 to guarantee themselves at least $94,942. Today we saw the year of the woman become no more, one more Mizrachi brother go down and a new chip color.

Going Out on a Breeze

Coming into the day Breeze Zuckerman had 738k and at one point she had peaked to just over 1 million.

For the majority of the day she was sitting on the Jack Links feature table and that is where she was crippled. She had Adam Levy looking for two outs when he was all in preflop with JJ against her KK. The flop brought a jack leaving Breeze the one looking for the two outer, which did not come.

This happened shortly before the break and during the break they moved her table back into the red section. Shortly after the break she found herself getting called after shoving UTG with KsTh. She was called by Eric "Basebaldy" Baldwin who was on the button and had AhAd.

She did catch a king on the flop but was unable to catch another king or one of the remaining tens in the deck to avoid being eliminated. She will take home $57,102 for her 121st-place finish and we will have to wait another year to see if a woman can final table the main event.

So much for 2010 being the "Year of the Woman".

Hevad Khan Rule

Today we got to see the Hevad Khan rule get enforced after Fillpo Candio was given a one-round penalty after his aces held against the QQ of Michael Skender. He didn't celebrate until the river had been dealt, then he started running around screaming "ANDIAMO!" many times over. The hand knocked Skender down to 2.4 million and catapulted Candio to over 3.4 million.

Mizrachi Down

After both Robert and Michael Mizrachi outlasted the last woman in the field Robert was eliminated in 116th place. Now it is unknown whether or not there were any prop bets or last-longer bets out there, but we do know that it had been a topic of discussion on most of the reporters minds over the past two days. At the end of the day Michael was sitting with 7.535 million chips.

Lavender T100,000 Chips

Towards the end of level 24 today the floor introduced the T100,000 chips. This marks the first time these chips have been introduced into play for the 2010 series. After some discussion on press row and then a confirmation from one of the floor staff we determined that the next color of chips to be introduced into play will be the beige (or almond) colored chips that have a value of T250,000. After that the T500,000 mint colored chips will be introduced into play.


Tomorrow players will come back at Noon PDT and play down to the final 27, hopefully play does not slow down so much that we are here for a long day.

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