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WSOP Main Event Day 4 Update - Bubbles, Mizrachi Brothers, Circuit Events

13 July 2010, By: compncards
Mizrachi 200x300
Mizrachi 200x300

Day 3 is in the books and Day 4 is upon us. There's a quiet buzz going in the Amazon room and a faint whisper in the Pavilion room (only 16 tables started the day over there) about the money bubble.

Bubble Day

It's fully expected that today we will have the money bubble bust for the Main Event. With 1,203 players starting today the field only has to lose 456 players before the bubble is reached. Hopefully for everyone's sake in the Amazon Room (media, players, dealers, WSOP staff) we have a quick hand-for-hand phase and get on to the players making some money.

Who will be this year's bubble boy? Will we get there before dinner or after dinner? What are we going to go eat for dinner? Oops got sidetracked there, too much discussion about dinner and I haven't even had lunch yet.

Four Strong in Day 4

As the Main Event pushes into Day 4 the Mizrachi brothers are doing their best to get the family name as much attention as possible. All four brothers, Michael, Rob, Eric, and Danny, have survived the first 3 days of the Main Event and are still in the hunt for the final table. Not only is the gold bracelet and all the money on the line for these guys, they also have bragging rights within the family to fight for.

Robert has came into the day with the most chips (342k) followed by Daniel (128.6k), Eric and Michael (who each have around 90k). Will they all make it into Day 5? Who will be the last one standing?

Circuit Events

Today's honorary starter for Day 4 was Dwight Pilgrim, who has won a couple of circuit events over the past few years along with a few other live tourneys.

Today he started off with a well written but not so well rehearsed speech about the changes in the WSOP Circuit this year. They will be adding a points system to do a season-ending National Championship tournament for 100 players. Also they will be adding a $10k buy-in at four of the stops and some national TV coverage will be done. This year there will be at least 12 stops with more stops to be released at a later time.


Today's Schedule

We are still unsure about today's schedule. All we know for sure is that we will have some 20-minute breaks, a 90-minute dinner break, and a color up will happen at some point. Nothing new there really, seems that with the 1/2 level being added to Day 1s all things have been screwed up from there and the WSOP staff just can not seem to get it fully figured out.

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