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WSOP Main Event Day 4 Evening Update - Pavilion Room Emptied, Hand for Hand, & Bubble Boy

14 July 2010, By: compncards
Pavilion Room 430x286
Pavilion Room 430x286

Day 4 is in the books, but not before we closed down the Pavilion room and busted the money bubble. Day 5 starts up tomorrow afternoon and at the rate we are going we will buzz through another half of the 576 that return tomorrow before the end of the day.

Ghost Town in the Pavilion Room

Earlier today I ventured over to the Pavilion room to see what if anything was going on over there. What I was greeted by were some maintenance crews working on breaking down the room.

It was rather eerie to be in the once completely full room which is now completely empty. Chairs were being stacked, tables were being broken down and lights were being dismantled.

Will we ever see the Pavilion room full again? Who knows, with Harrah's shopping around the Rio we may have a change in venue next year. Only time will tell where we will end up next May for the 2011 series, or what will be done to improve on this year's success.

Hand for Hand Play

How long can hand for hand last? Well this year it was at least 90 minutes longer than it should have been. Just before players were going to start hand for hand play, with the clock at 1:15 left in the 16th level, the tournament staff decided to send the players on their dinner break.

Now they were scheduled to take the dinner break at the half way point of the level, and since they did not want to delay the players' dinner they decided to send them out. When it was announced that dinner would be started before hand for hand play the the Amazon Room erupted into a chorus of boos.

Once players returned from dinner break they started hand for hand. Joining the majority of the other media in the middle of the room we were laying out prop bets.

How many hands will hand for hand play be? Will we lose a player on the first hand or will the break in play create a tighter bubble? What section will the bubble boy emerge from? As for the first question, the majority of bets that I heard (including one that I made myself) put the over/under at eight hands. Luckily for me it was the under at six hands.

To get through the six hands though it took just over 50 minutes with the fourth hand taking the longest at 9 minutes and 50 seconds. We saw one player get eliminated on the 1st hand, none on the 2nd hand, one each on the 3rd and 4th hand, the 5th hand came and went, then the 6th hand was the money hand that ended the hand for hand play.

Meet our 2010 Main Event Bubble Boy

Tim McDonald became our bubble boy today as he got it in with QQ on an AA2 board after putting just under half his stack in pre-flop. His opponent flipped over A2 for the flopped full house leaving his opponent all but drawing dead and needing running queens to avoid being eliminated.

He didn't get the help on the turn but he did see get a dagger to the back when one of the other queens came on the river to give him a smaller boat.

Tim "Bubble Boy" McDonald

The bubble boy did receive a seat into the 2011 Main Event, which is $9,263 less than he would have gotten had he not been the bubble boy. Maybe next year he will survive the four-day (or whatever it takes to get to the money) grind to make it to the money.

Come back and join us tomorrow as we continue the push through the money.

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