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WSOP Main Event Day 3 Update – Hangovers, Card Protectors, and Bubble Busting.

13 July 2010
snoop 400x300
snoop 400x300

With yesterday being a day off for everyone at the WSOP you would have thought that I would have gotten some rest, but we are in Vegas and we will rest in a week once all the November 9 has been reached.

Hangovers are The Devils way of showing he wins....

Last night at Rain Nightclub in the Palms PokerStars had their annual WSOP party for their sponsored pros or whoever was lucky enough to score a ticket. Last year they had Nelly perform but this year they stepped it up a level and had none other than Snoop Dogg put on a show that I will not soon forget. The club was packed and the alcohol was flowing as everyone waited for Snoop to come on the stage. He finally hit the stage at around 12:30 and performed for just over 30 mins. He sang Gin and Juice, Next Episode and a few others, mostly about hoes, weed, and drinking.

As you would think an open bar is definitely going to create some massive hangovers the next morning and that is definitely what you would see around here today if you were here. So many people walking around with headaches and stomachs that are just not quite right yet. It was definitely a great night that will not be forgotten by many in the near future.

Protect Those Cards

Everyone knows about "Casper", Doyle Brunson's card protector that at one time was possessed by Howard Lederer. Word is that Doyle had to pay a hefty amount to retain Casper and since he feels that it is jinxed. Another famous card protector is that of Humberto Brenes, he is known as the shark and has a little toy shark to use as a card protector, and sometimes as intimidation.


Sometime yesterday I noticed Snoopy on the table, and my thoughts were wether Snoopy could survive a shark attack.


Finally we don't even know what to think of this one, looks like it could be some sort of jewelry or really just a sculpture of some sort. All we know is that it does the job at protecting cards.


When Will the Bubble Bust?

That seems to be a common topic among the players and media today. When will the money bubble bust, and will we be down to one room (the Amazon Room) tomorrow? All signs point towards the bubble busting at some point tomorrow (day 4), but the argument comes when will it happen. I think it will be sometime around dinner, probably after, some think we will bust through it rather quickly in the first 2 levels of the day. All I know is that the Pavilion room is getting rather thin with just a little over 1 section of players left over there. That brings us to the other question, will all players resume day 4 tomorrow in a single room? We are about to go on dinner break and will come back to play only 2 hours before bagging up for day 4.

Come back and join us for the closing blog of day 3 tonight. Going to finally feature some girls from the rail.

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