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WSOP Main Event Day 3 Evening Update – Cada Bust, Year of the Woman?, and Girls of the Rail

13 July 2010, By: compncards
Cada 200x300
Cada 200x300

Day 3 is in the books with little over 1,200 players surviving to come back tomorrow afternoon for Day 4, that still is not enough for them to all be in one room, but they should get there sometime in the first few levels.

No Returning Champs

Shortly before dinner 2010 Main Event Champion Joe Cada was eliminated from this year's Main Event. Not since Johnny Chan won back to back years in '87 and '88 have we seen a repeat champion. Speaking of Johnny Chan, he ended the night with approximately 630k. Will this be the year that he makes a return to greatness?

Will this be the Year of the Woman?

Newly signed PokerStars pro Vanessa Selbst is hoping so, possibly with a Main Event win. Towards the end of the night she had approximately 245K. 1995 was the last time we saw a female reach the final table of the Main Event, and that was Barbara Enright who finished in 5th place that year. She to this day remains the only woman to reach the final table of the Main Event.

Vanessa Selbst

She is topped by Lauren Kling, previously seen in our Girls...Girls...Girls feature. Kling will take approximately 361k into Day 4 tomorrow. Towards the end of the night we caught up with her as she was all-in against Robert Mizrachi. She had him covered and he looked like he wanted to make the call but he eventually folded, letting her stack up a few more before bagging them up for the night.

Girls...Girls...Girls...(Rail Edition)

We have featured the players, dealers and massage therapists. So it is only right that we do a feature on the girls on the rail. Everyday as I roam through the tables I often catch myself checking out the friends of the players that are on the rails. Thankfully there are many of them that seem to want the attention as they are usually dressed to impress.

Our first girl from the rail was actually spotted back on Day 2b. It was easy to come across her since she was sweating a player at Vanessa Rousso's table. We definitely like the cut-off jeans made into short shorts, too bad we couldn't get a decent shot from the rear cause that side was just as nice as the front.

The next girl caught our eye today as I was talking with one of the other reporters. I had noticed her earlier but spotted her blowing bubbles and spent a good bit of time trying to get the right shot. Unfortunately every time she started to blow another bubble I would either get blocked by someone else on the rail or my shot would come out blurry. So we are going to have to settle with this shot.

The final girl from the rail was also spotted today, and she seemed to be poised for a good shot. Luckily I was in the right spot at the right time as she turned her head a bit giving us some face time along with the of her fantastic dairy air.

Come back and join us tomorrow as we bring you more action from the floor. We should have the bubble bust at some point but that will come after all the players are merged into one room for the first time.

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