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WSOP Main Event Day 2b Update No. 2 - Are you Jesus?, Hands...We Got Hands

11 July 2010, By: compncards
Fake Ferg 200x300
Fake Ferg 200x300

We are almost done with the final Day 2 of the 2010 WSOP which means tomorrow is a much needed day off. Today we searched for Jesus, saw some of the weirdest hands play out and reviewed the terms and conditions of PS and FTP deals.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up

Over the past few days we have noticed quite a few Jesus imitators in the Rio. Today was no different as we came across the following player sitting at a table playing in today's field. Is this the real Chris "Jesus" Ferguson?

Shortly after running across the imitation above I was on the lookout for the real one. It took a little bit of searching before I finally found him just a few tables down from the fake one previously pictured.

Screwed Up Hands of the Day

After having the floor called to clarify a bet amount then called back to put an older gentleman on the clock, we finally got a call and saw the flop. Each player checked on the flop before seeing a 6 in the turn.

The older gentleman was first to act and moved his stack of larger-denomination chips forward then reached back and went to move the three "25" denomination chips to go all in. The dealer informed him it was a string bet and therefore left him with 75 chips behind.

The younger player threw out enough chips to put the older guy all in but did not specify a raise, so once again the dealer ruled that it was just a call. The river card put 4 to a broadway on the board, only needing a Jack to have hit. The older gentleman went all in and was called by the pocket jacks of his opponent, which was good enough to beat the set of sixes.

The second screwed up hand of the day came as I was wandering through the Pavilion room. I noticed a huge crowd and the ESPN cameras around a table so went over to check things out.

Upon arrival the dealer was counting down the player-in-the-8-seat's chips, since he had just gone all in. After some talking and barking from the 8 seat he eventually called for the clock on the player in seat 1 who happened to be Prahlad Friedman.

As the dealer started counting down 5...4...3...2...1... Friedman stated call but shortly after the floor called Friedman's hand dead, much to the chagrin of the rest of the players who adamantly protested that Friedman had made the call. The floor stuck with its ruling and even had floor supervisors uphold the ruling.

Please don't bring up Ante-gate


Often times the discussion at the tables has been about what kind of deal someone got in return for wearing a certain poker site's logo. So who has the better deal this year?

Pokerstars gives out 50k VPPs to everyone signing a deal and if that player happens to cash in the Main Event he or she is granted either a PCA package or a NAPT package. If the PS player makes the final table he or she is guaranteed $1,000,000 in bonuses that consist of cash, live buy-ins and online buy-ins.

Full Tilt's package (which had to be won rather than being just a walk-in type deal like PS) gives the player a Main Event entry for 2011 if he or she cashes this year's even along with a $10,000,000 10-year deal for winning the event.

If the player makes the final table he or she is guaranteed a one-time payment of $500k. Second or third gets $100k.

So who has the better deal? It all depends on who you talk to. Personally I like the FTP deal. With PS you have to sign a one-year deal and can only wear the PStars logo for the next year whenever you are playing in any event (poker or non-poker related). With FTP you can wear any other logos you want, and only enter into a contract with them if you actually win the event.

Tomorrow is a day off, the media is having its freeroll and then PokerStars is having its WSOP party with special performer Snoop Dogg. We may or may not bring you a report tomorrow, it all depends on if I can slow roll Andrew Feldman from ESPN Poker Edge or not.

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