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WSOP Main Event Day 2a Update - Schedule Changes, and Looking Crazy

10 July 2010, By: compncards
Voitto Rintala 200x300
Voitto Rintala 200x300

We have finally reached day 2, after four day 1s I was starting to feel like it was never going to end. Today 2,412 players returned to the Amazon and Pavilion Rooms at the Rio to continue their pursuit of the most coveted prize in poker, the Main Event bracelet.

Schedule Change Once Again

Stop me when you have heard this before. Once again today at the WSOP we have had another schedule change. Up until a few minutes before the scheduled start of day 2a the tournament staff still had not determined the schedule of play today. In question was when the players will take a break, especially when will they take their dinner break.

This is all a result in the Day 1 schedules being adjusted to play 4 & 1/2 levels rather than the originally planned 4 levels. This meant that coming into day 2 players will still have half of level 5 to play before moving into level 6 and so on. It was finally decided that players would play the remaining 1 hour, take a break, then play 2 more levels (with break in between) before moving onto their dinner break. Oops missed the half level they will play before going to dinner. After dinner they will play the remaining half of level 8 and the first half of level 9 before bagging things up for the night.

How Do You Get the Medias Attention?

Well if you are not a hot chick you really have to make yourself stand out to get the attention of the media in these parts. So for the guys that usually means dressing up in some odd way or just looking plain crazy. During todays original walk through on the floor I came across this guy.

For some reason his eyes caused me to stop and really just freaked me out. After getting back to press row I was informed that he is none other than Voitto Rintala, lead bassist for Random Eyes, one of Scandinavia’s most popular metal bands.

The next guy that we stumbled across was the one who we are referring to as Lion King. I am not sure what is the reasoning behind the head gear, but it does make me want to break out into a chorus of Hakuna Matata.

Hakuna Matata

Finally it looks like this guy is prepared to become the Tiger Woods of poker, and no we are not calling him that because he has lots of ladies friends. But rather we are referring to him that way because he has worn golf gloves on both hands during both days of his Main Event. Now wether this is being done to try and avoid germs, or to keep from getting his fingerprints on surrounding women we don't know.

What's with the Gloves?

Come back later today when we bring you the Dealer edition of Girls Girls Girls......

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