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WSOP Main Event Day 2a Update No. 2 - Scottie, Johnny, and some more ladies.....

10 July 2010, By: compncards
Sara Dealer 200x300
Sara Dealer 200x300

In exciting news, day 2s are just as boring and mundane as day 1s. Not much is going on here besides the random "All In and Call" being yelled by the dealers ever couple of seconds that keeps us awake on press row.

Scottie Nguyen Baby, and Johnny "Fucking" Chan

Baby that....that is all you hear from the table and the twitter account of Scottie Nguyen. It is rather amusing to actually read through his twitter updates since he tweets exactly how he talks. Towards the end of the night he was sitting at 110k, which should put him comfortably into day 3.

Meanwhile in the Amazon room Johnny Chan is making a charge for another potential Main Event win. After finish day 1c near the top of the daily leader board he had a solid day 2 moving his chip stack up above 200k near bagging up time.

Girls...Girls...Girls......Dealer Edition

It is usually easy to notice the hot girl at the table, but when it is the dealer you often times look past them. So we are finally going to give the dealers some love. The first one we noticed today was Sara, she was dealing at the table just off media row in the red section earlier today. We do not have any further information on her, besides her name, but really what more do you need to know?

The next dealer on our radar was Jeannette, she caught our eye a weeks ago and was probably the inspiration for this edition. I really just think it is the glasses that does it for me.

Jeanette Dealer

Speaking of girls in hot glasses, we are now going to move on to Demetria the Dealer.

Demetria the Dealer

Hot Poker Girls Updates

With day 2a in the books we have lost a few of our hot chicks. Sara "sideboob" Underwood was eliminated at some point before the dinner break. It greatly disappoints us that we will not be graced by the potential for side boob the rest of the series, well atleast from her. Here is a shot of her in a nice tight white mini skirt, we will miss you Miss Sideboob.

Sara Underwood

Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh has returned to the live poker scene this week in the Main Event. She had been missed around these parts, but she did not fail to catch the eyes of the reporters as she built up a stack of a little over 100k today.

Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh

And finally we mention Lauren Kling, she has that cute girl next door look, which is definitely a favorite of mine. She started the day with a little under 150k and has not really improved from there. At one point she had climbed up to 160k but towards the end of the night she was down to just over 100k before climbing back above 160k.

Lauren Kling

Join us tomorrow as we dive into the last day 2 of the 2010 WSOP. Hopefully tomorrow will bring us some more news than today provided us with.

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  • compncards 10/07/2010 7:28pm (11 years ago)

    Here is the link baby. His wife likes to update for him baby. They also end everything with baby, baby!

  • Stef 10/07/2010 3:27pm (11 years ago)

    whats scottie babys twitter account link?