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WSOP Main Event Day 1d Update - Emmitt Smith, Technology

9 July 2010, By: compncards
Smith 1 200x300
Smith 1 200x300

Can we just get on to Day 2 please? Only one more day of this mundane Day 1 stuff, but tomorrow we will finally be done with Day 1s here at the 2010 WSOP and then we get two Day 2s before an actual day off from the series.

Emmitt Smith gives the "Shuffle Up and.....

.....Play" command to open up Day 1d. Yes that is right you read that correct, he flubbed things up today when he was giving the standard opening command to the series.

And apparently that is not the only thing that he has flubbed up today. After he reached his table and began play we went over to get some pictures of Emmitt playing, but after snapping a few pictures we were told we were not allowed to take shots at the table. Now this was not told to us by a member of the WSOP staff, but rather it was told to us by what seemed to be his bodyguard.

Upon further research we found out that he had not signed his ESPN/Press release form. Now we are not privileged to know as to why it was not signed, or how he was able to still get registered, since it is a requirement that all players sign a consent form at time of registration.

So we can only speculate that his reasoning could be because he was previously canned by ESPN and may be holding some ill will towards them. We did find out that the release form was eventually signed, though he was eliminated at some point in the middle of level 2.


Every time I think or say that line it comes out like the Daft Punk song by the same title, but that is not the reason I am bringing it up here. It seems that technology has started to over take the live poker tables. Just take a look around the Amazon room and just about every player is either listening to a MP3 player, texting someone, and then there are the iPad users.

These Angry Birds must go down.

The WSOP even made some changes to their rules this year with the addition that players can text at the tables while not in hands, but are still unable to make/receive phone calls while at the table.

How far is this going to go? Are we eventually going to see an app for the iPad that will have poker players playing online at the same time as they are playing live (insert Phil Laak endurance prop bet discussion here). What ever happened to staying focused on your table and trying to get reads on them for future use?

On the opposite end of the spectrum we found 98 year old Jack Ury, who probably does not own a cell phone or even have the slightest clue what an iPad is.

Jack Ury

Come back for the late edition, where we will attempt to catch up on the girls, girls, girls ...

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