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WSOP Main Event Day 1c Update – Hellmuth Makes His Grand Entrance, and the Curse of the Feature Table

8 July 2010, By: compncards
UB Dancers 430x286
UB Dancers 430x286

Feels like groundhog day here at the WSOP today, all the reporters are over writing up day one information and nothing exciting is happening. Well Hellmuth did make his standard entrance to the Main Event today, with some minor technical difficulties.

Helmuth Fights Way Into Amazon Room

What would a WSOP Main Event be without Phil Helmuth making some type of grand entrance, or cry for attention (you be the call). This year was no different from the years past, with him actually having a stage pulled up to the entrance of the conference center here at the Rio for a brief show before he finally arrived. There were girls shaking their butts, a few guys doing who knows what, and the crowd trying to persuade Mike Matusow to rush the stage before Hellmuth made his appearance.

Once the dancing was over with, Phil was finally introduced, well half-way that is. In the middle of his ring side introduction the PA system died, which just cheapened the experience even more. He finally started to make his way into the Rio and down the long hall leading to the Amazon room. His final destination being the Jack Link's Feature table where he got a kiss from a couple of his ring side girls and then focused on the final 20ish minutes left in the level.

Phil Hellmuth

Curse of the Feature Table

So far over the past two day 1s both of the big name pros that were seated on the ESPN feature table did not survive the day to continue their bid at the Main Event win. First it was Mike Matusow who was eliminated just shy of being able to bag his chips up for the night. On day 1b Gavin Smith was the big name on the table, but he couldn't survive the day either.


The big names that have been seated in the red section feature table also did not fare too well with Greg Raymer being eliminated before the first break on day 1a followed by Jamie Gold on day 1b who did not survive long after the first break.

Will todays feature player, Joe Cada, be able to break the curse? We will check in on him as bagging up time comes to see what happened.

Buz the Singing Dealer

Today after another bracelet ceremony, as the Star Spangled Banner was playing Buz the dealer could be heard singing proudly.


Stay tuned for the Massage Therapist of the WSOP, with special Porn Star feature coming in the late update.

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