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WSOP Main Event Day 1b Update - Joe Sebok Wearing Women's Clothing and Russ Hamilton "Cover-up"

7 July 2010, By: compncards
Gold 200x300
Gold 200x300

Well we are back in the Amazon room today for another day 1 of the main event. This time we are on the 2nd, or rather b, day of day 1. Confused yet? Join the crowd, we had to stop counting how many days the series has been going cause we ran out of fingers and toes, maybe we can just start counting how many days are left.

Another day.....

and another previous champion gets eliminated. In only his second event this year Jamie Gold was seated on one of the corner feature tables. He managed to last longer in his day than previous champion Greg Raymer did the day before, but not much longer. He did manage to cash in the other event that he played in this event, even though there was some controversy when he went out. Apparently he had a prop bet that he would make the cash, along with some early dinner plans. Because shortly after the money bubble had burst he check called off his entire stack before finally mucking his cards stating, "I could have had the nuts", as he left the table. Did he chip dump? Or was his dinner plans and the amount he won from the prop bet so appealing that he just decided he was done for the day?

Today he did not have the same luck, he was eliminated in the middle of the second level after he had gotten short and then jammed with AQ only to find himself against KK. The board ran out all low cards sending Gold to the rail, where he was reportedly going to rail his mother.

Sebok Wearing Ladies Clothing

Is it a prop bet or is Seebs just trying to get in touch with his feminine side? Today he could be seen wearing an all white track suit, well except for all the patches, as he played in day 1b of the Main Event. He was joined by Phil Gordon and a few other pros as they showed support for the charity group Bad Beat Against Cancer.

Joe Sebok Wearing Track Suit

He did post on his Twitter, "Damn, these ladies' track suit pants really don't leave much room for your junk. Go figure. #beatcancer". Maybe next time he will choose to shop in the mens department, or at least not the junior misses.

Whats the deal with the banners?

As you look around the Amazon room you see pictures of past Main Event champions, and up until sometime last week they were all in order and all visible. We first became aware of one of the banners being covered up via a tweet from Daniel Negreanu stating, "WSOP finally decided to cover Russ Hamilton's picture on the wall. The biggest digrace to poker in history. No TOC tonight means Rocky IV!". Russ Hamilton was implicated for the Ultimate Bet scandal that is estimated to have cheated players out of $22m+.

Russ Hamilton's Banner Covered Up

In other news the banner of 2007 Champion, Jerry Yang, has mysteriously been moved out of its order and was placed in the far right corner between Jack Straus, 1982 Champion, and Stu Ungar, 3 time Main Event Champion ('81, '82, and '97). It is still an unknown mystery as to why his banner was moved, but we will try and track down an answer sometime over the next few days.

I'm off to go and try and find some hot ladies to bring you the 2nd day of Girls, Girls, Girls...... Might be a stretch though, todays field definitely doesn't have the same luster as it did yesterday.

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