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WSOP Main Event Day 1a Update - Girls, Girls, Girls........

6 July 2010, By: compncards
Tiffany Michelle 200x300
Tiffany Michelle 200x300

Don't tell anyone, but the Main Event started up today and all we have been able to focus on are the ladies. I mean it is Day 1 of a tournament, does anything really exciting ever happen on a Day 1? With that said, on with the ladies, oh and a short introduction for myself (I hacked compncards account and will be posting updates for the rest of the series in his place).

Tiffany Michelle sucks......

on a sucker today to keep everyone herself entertained. Well it did stop me and keep me entertained for a solid 15 seconds, then I moved on to the next photo-op.

Stalking Sara Underwood

Thanks to our friend Pauly from
Tao of Poker we were alerted to the fact that Playboy model Sara Underwood was not only playing today, but she was also doing so braless. Add to the fact that she is wearing an off the shoulder shirt and you get quite a few passer-bys checking in for a possible wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately when we visited her table we didn't witness a Janet Jackson moment, but we will keep on eye, or two, on the situation for the remainder of the day.

Sara Underwood almost flashes the room

Lacey Jones Chips Up

Yes it is only Day 1, and yes the tournament is not won on Day 1, but it sure can be lost. Just ask Greg Raymer who was the honorary starter today, along with the first previous main event champion to be eliminated today. On the opposite end of that spectrum we have Lacey Jones, who not only has better boobs than Raymer, but also has managed to chip up rather well today. Will this continue for the remainder 2 & 1/2 levels today? Only time will tell.

Lacey Jones Stares'em Down

Brief Introduction

I said brief not briefs, so don't be looking for pictures of me in my underwear. While compncards is away from the series I will be doing some updates for him (no I really didn't hack his account). My name is Michael Reed, mostly known as merch, and I am a freelance reporter covering my first WSOP this year. Since I have been a responsible party to some of the reports brought to you here over the past few weeks you can expect much of the same and not much change, besides my grade school attempt at writing. Thanks for having me and let's have some fun.

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