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WSOP Day 9 Second Update - Compncards Is a Stud....Player

6 June 2010, By: compncards
Brent Carter 226x300
Brent Carter 226x300

Today I took the day “off” and went downtown to play in the Stud 8 or Better event at the Golden Nugget. Stud 8 is by far my best game and I always feel I have a chance to go deep in any Stud 8 event I play barring my playing bad or some really horrible luck.

Don't You Know Who I Am?

I say this was my “off” day for two reasons. First, this wound up being a 12 hour day for me playing poker. Obviously I made it deep into the tourney. Not a big shock considering my track record. However, the other reason I say “off” day is because I neglected to consider the field strength.

What many players that come out to Vegas don’t realize is that the non-Holdem tournaments that are played out here are going to be targeted by the older pros. What that translates into is a field that sometimes can rival WSOP events. In fact, I would go so far as to say that some of the smaller buy-in non-Holdem games are tougher fields than certain WSOP fields due to the players.

To my direct left at my first table was Brent Carter. He holds two bracelets and is the man that knocked Barbara Enright out of the Main Event in 1995. Of course, I had no clue. He “looked” familiar, but I couldn’t place his face. I feel bad in a way because I usually know the older pros, but when he started talking about the 95 Main Event with a player at the table, he mentioned that nobody remembers who finished 2nd. I spoke up and said, “I can tell you who finished 5th.” He asked me to point her out to see if I really knew. I did so.

He then got me good. He asked me, “Can you tell me who knocked her out?” I said, “I can’t think of his name, but I know his face.” He looked at his buddy and said, “see my point.” He then looked at me and went, “That was me that knocked her out.” OOPS! However, then I recognized him. Of course, he is 15 years older than he was then. That may be part of the reason.

Tourney Ups and Downs

I actually wound up knocking Brent out of the Stud 8 event. He started with rolled up jacks and I had three deuces with a three wheel on fifth. I improved to a four wheel on sixth. I then caught THE CASE DEUCE on the river. Four deuces beats three jacks and he was gone.

After Brent was knocked out, we wound up having our table broken. This was good and bad at the same time. It was bad in the fact that I was moved to a table that included Robert “Chip Burner” Turner, Barbara Enright, and about 3 other players that are semi-pro in caliber and excellent stud players. However, I seem to do well against good player. With the exception of Robert Turner, they don’t chase as badly and I can get them to fold. At this point of the tournament, I needed to win pots, so this was a good table.

I was able to run my chips up to about 30k and then I went card dead. I mean so dead that I couldn’t intelligently steal the antes and bring-ins dead. Then I was moved yet again to a table with a mix of decent and so-so players. I wound up having to play a mediocre hand that developed into a flush draw and lost a good chunk of my stack. My opponent was drawing low with a tiny pair that backed into aces-up.

At that point, I was down to two big bets and moved in on fourth with ace-high and three low draw. I was ahead amazingly enough against two players but that didn’t last long. I had ace-queen high and three low cards. One player had a 10 and three low cards drawing worse. Another had A-10-9-4 with three spades. The ace ten caught a king and amazingly ace king won for high. I couldn’t even catch a pair. I missed low and was out.

In the tournament, I outlasted at least three multi-bracelet winners while knocking one out and finished 28th in the event. Sadly, only 13 paid, but I am still happy overall with the performance. I still don’t like the fact that I played 12 hours and didn’t cash. Yes, I know the WSOP and WPT are the same, but there you are playing for much more than I was tonight.

Anyway, such was my Saturday. I will be back at the Rio on Sunday to bring you more coverage of the WSOP 2010. See you then.

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