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WSOP Day 36 Second Update - Frank Kassela Virtually Player of the Year, Pros Sweating Tom Dwan, and Day 1D of Main Event Closed

3 July 2010, By: compncards
Kassela 200x300
Kassela 200x300

While Melissa and many others are out getting plastered tonight, there are still several events going on at Day 36 of the 2010 World Series of Poker.  The $25,000 NL Event has a final table set and the Limit Holdem Shootout is down to just four players.  Tom Dwan leads the $10,000 PL Omaha Championship with 66 players left and Day 1b of the last $1,000 NL Event is winding down.

Frank Kassela a Formality Away from 2010 WSOP Player of the Year

Frank Kassela has made the final table of the $25,000 Six-Handed NL Holdem Event.  With his final table finish, he takes the lead for the 2010 WSOP Player of the Year going into the Main Event and has a nearly insurmountable lead.  Regardless of finish, he will take down a minimum of  45 point.  John Juanda and Men Nguyen are still in Event #56 but very short stacked.

If Kassela can take down Event #52, he will lock up at least a share of the Player of the Year title as Juanda could only tie.  If he finishes 2nd, only Juanda and Vladimir Shchemelev could overtake Kassela if they take down the Main Event.

The best case scenario for Juanda would be Kassela busting 6th tomorrow and entering the Main Event with a 45 point lead.  Juanda would then have a chance to overtake him if Kassela does not cash and Juanda makes the final table....and finish at least 5th.

In other words, Frank Kassela has pretty much locked up the Player of the Year title.

Pros Sweating Yet?

Tom Dwan is the current chip leader with 66 players left in the $10,000 PL Omaha World Championship.  While there is still a lot of poker left to be played, this could potentially lead to some exciting drama heading into the Main Event.  Dwan is set to win enough in side bets to equal the Main Event top prize should Dwan win his first bracelet.  If he makes the final table tomorrow, expect this table to possibly get more rail action than the Tournament of Champions.

One name that the pros want to see go busto tonight or early tomorrow.

Taking Time Off For the Main Event

With the Main Event just a couple of days away, many pros are taking the opportunity to get a much needed breather.  Many will have an extended break as some will not play until Day 3 or event Day 4.  Some will spend time with family or their significant other while Daniel Negreanu will watch Rocky movies.  I'd be happy to let him borrow my copy of Rocky Balboa.

Day 1D Closed

It was hinted at during the media meeting before the WSOP, and now it is a reality.  Day 1D of the WSOP Main Event has been closed to new registrations to allow the other days to fill up.  Last year, Day 1D of the 2009 Main Event sold out and many players were left without an opportunity to play for the richest prize in poker.  Closing Day 1D this year is just one step Harrah's has taken to ensure such a problem will not happen again.  Personally, I wouldn't mind going back to a total random draw for the Main Event, but I think the odds of that happening are about the same as John Juanda taking down Player of the Year.


That is all for today.  The Tournament of Champions is tomorrow as well as the final table of the $25,000 Six-Handed and the $10,000 PLO.  No new events will kick off until the Main Event.  Stay tuned to as we bring you more coverage from the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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