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WSOP Day 34 Second Update - World Series of Assholes

1 July 2010, By: compncards
vanessa selbst 266x300
vanessa selbst 266x300

Day 34 at the 2010 WSOP is moving right along with final tables in both the $1,000 NL, the $1,500 NL, and the $5,000 PLO.  Robert Mizrachi is in the PLO.  Otherwise, there aren't a lot of big names in the other final tables.  The high profile event of the day is the $25,000 Six-Handed NL Event.   Daniel Negreanu is the chip leader.  108 players remain out of the original  191 that started.

Online Poker Sites Announcing Big Signings

Shannon Elizabeth is the newest pro on Carbon Poker.  While Ms. Elizabeth really hasn't done anything on the felt to garner this type of sponsorship, she is probably one of the more well known "celebrity" poker players that annually frequent the WSOP and the tournament scene.

Now, for those that actually want websites to sponsor players that can actually play, PokerStars has picked up the slack.  David Williams and Vanessa Selbst have both been announced as new PokerStars Team Pros.  David Williams is the reigning WPT World Champion and Selbst recently took down a NAPT title.  Both are exceptional players and well deserving.  Selbst has been a long time coming and it is good to see.  Wicked Chops Poker likes to point out that Selbst is a lesbian.  Does this mean that she now has this sponsorship thing "licked?"

World Series of Assholes

What is it this year and all of the assholes at the WSOP.  Those of you out there may not have heard about this, but there are a lot of guys out here this year that are real douches.  It is so bad that Pokerati did a podcast on the matter.

Poker's next "superstar."

Holdem by nature seems to attract the loudmouths and asshole types.  However, this year something seems to be in the water.  For example, in today's $1,500 Limit Holdem Shootout Event, there is a clearly drunk guy in the event that has already received multiple warnings and a couple of penalties.  The most recent was for comments that were borderline racists to both a dealer and player.

Susie Isaacs mentioned that a couple of guys decided to play in the ladies event she is playing in at the Venetian.  She mentioned that "All I can say about these male-children is that they must be orphans 'cause their mama didn't teach them manners."

In the Stud 8 event I played at Golden Nugget, one of the players at my table acted like a general jerk to one guy and didn't even get a penalty.  Later on, he was moved to another table and outright called a woman a cunt to her face.  The reason was that he was trying to aggravate them.

I personally believe that the way a person conducts him or herself at the poker table is a reflection on their overall personality.  Hellmuth has a big ego at the table, and has a big ego in real life.  Mike Matusow is boisterous at the table, and the same outside.  It stands to reason that a person that is an asshole at the poker table is an asshole in life.  Poker tends to reflect life.

There isn't a lot going on in the WSOP 10 schedule at present.  The final tables are grinding away and the real action in the $25k doesn't happen until tomorrow.  Join us then as we bring you more coverage of the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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    Nevermind, works now!

  • Stef 01/07/2010 9:30pm (11 years ago)

    ha ha ha love to see some pics of his otfits lmao juggle juggle!

  • compncards 01/07/2010 9:05pm (11 years ago)

    Clowns? What does Tom Schneider have to do with this? (If you have seen the outfits he has been wearing, you will know what I am referencing to.) :-)

  • Stef 01/07/2010 2:33pm (11 years ago)

    takes all sorts to make up a poker tournament...even clowns!