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WSOP Day 22 - Deep Stacks a Hit and Heads-Up Random Pics

19 June 2010, By: compncards
Sleepy Greenstein 200x300
Sleepy Greenstein 200x300

Day 22 of the WSOP is rolling right along. The final table of the $1,500 has finally started. The apocalypse was avoided as Allen Kessler busted in 13th. However, Al Barbieri did make the final table, and in the chip lead. The $10,000 Heads-Up Championship is underway and Phil Ivey advanced in just 2 hands against Michael Mizrachi. The $1,500 NL is down to just 11 WSOP players and will play out to the bracelet tonight.

Deep Stack Events a Hit

This year, the WSOP added a daily 1 p.m. deep stacked event to their daily tournament schedule. Players can buy-in for just $200 and get 15,000 in chips with 30 minute level and a very solid structure.

Yesterday, over 700 players turned out for this event. Today’s event was capped due to all of the other action, but from talking to one of my friends on the floor staff, some of the other daily events have taken a hit. This is of course expected due to the marvelous event that goes down at 1 p.m. However, the action for the 7 p.m. wasn’t hurt too badly as I am looking down at the event at 8:30, and there are still 15 tables left.

If you are in Vegas, or thinking about coming out to Vegas, I recommend you come by and play the 1 p.m. event. I don’t normally recommend any events other than the bracelet events, but the 1 p.m. is the exception. I may event try my hand at the event before the end of the series. With the fields that have been turning out for this event and the play allowed, why wouldn’t you try it out?


The 5 p.m. event was the $10,000 Heads-Up NL Holdem Event. This event was capped at 256 players and drew out a strong field. I missed some of the early moments, and as such missed Phil Ivey’s match against Michael Mizrachi. He knocked Mizrachi out in 2 hands after his A-J outran Mizrachi’s pocket nines.

The players were taking their matches very seriously, but that didn’t stop me from getting some RANDOM PICS!!! No matter what event Barry Greenstein plays in, he always looks like he is about to fall asleep:

Erik Seidel either is a big comic book fan, or it’s laundry day:

Flame on!

Wow, that is some big hair:

Chewbacca wants his wig back

Jack Effel was watching a bit of the Daniel Negreanu match. It looks like maybe he was getting some notes on his play:

Note to self.  Buy earplugs.

Finally, Gavin Smith is “on a mission from God” to take down this bracelet:

He's on a mission from God.

Well, that’s all she wrote for me tonight. Stay tuned to as we bring you coverage from the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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