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WSOP Day 15 - Penalties, Old Timers, and One Hot Momma

12 June 2010, By: compncards
Kathy Liebert1 200x300
Kathy Liebert1 200x300

Day 15 of the 2010 WSOP is plugging right along. We are at the final tables of both the $2,000 Limit Holdem and $10,000 2-7 Lowball World Championship. Day 2 of both the $1,500 PL Omaha and $1,500 7-Card Stud are also underway. Finally, the $2,500 Six-Handed Limit Holdem event kicked off at 5 p.m.

Penalties On the Way?

If you are a guy that played in the Ladies Event today, expect to be punished. CardPlayer caught up with Seth Palansky, WSOP Communications Director, and he told CardPlayer that there will be repercussions for the actions of the men in the event. He also said, “We can’t prevent anyone from entering a ladies tournament. If they’re scumbags, they’re scumbags. The good news is at the World Series of Poker, we have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time at any point that we deem, as operators of the event.”

Granted, I am one of those that think that the Ladies Event should not award a bracelet. I also say the same for the Seniors Event and the Casino Employee’s Event. I believe that bracelet, meaning ALL bracelets, should be open field events.

With that being said, I also think that having a Ladies Event is a positive thing for poker. It does draw out more female players that may not play due to poker being a male dominated sport.

I also wonder if the WSOP is about to walk a very thin line here. Issuing penalties and bans is a form of punishment and the WSOP could face some legal issues should they prove to pursue this.

Going for #8?

Jay Heimowitz is currently still alive in the $1,500 PL Omaha event. For those of you not familiar with Heimowitz, he is a seven-time WSOP bracelet winner. The reason many have never heard of him is because his last bracelet win came in 2001. He has won at least one bracelet in four different decades.

Was winning bracelets before many of us were even born.  Or in my case, since the year I was born.

I pointed him out to one of the kids covering the event and they gave me the “why should I care” look. I then told them he had seven bracelet and they started tracking him. While televised poker and the Moneymaker Era has made superstars out of many players, a lot of the old school players tend to fall by the wayside unless they find a way to make themselves relevant to the general public. I hope that Jay can find his way to make a final table here and maybe even win an 8th bracelet so that he can get some recognition from the current generation.

Random Pics!!

Here are a couple of pics before I head off for the evening. The first is from the 7-Card Stud Event. Jon Turner must not have liked the fact that I was taking his picture:

I set you ablaze!  Be gone!

And of course, I must get in my gratuitous Cyndy Violette pic. You can have your Kara Scotts and Tiffany Michelle’s of the world. I’ll take this “hot momma” any day.

Yes, it was very cold in here.

I am going to call it an early night tonight. Tomorrow is another jam packed day with a $1,000 NL, Day 2 of the Ladies, Day 1 of the $10,000 Omaha 8 or Better, and more. Stay tuned to as we bring you continuing coverage of new and old WSOP winners.

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