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WSOP Day 13 Update - The Amish Invade and Shannon Elizabeth - Yum

10 June 2010, By: compncards
Freakonomics 200x300
Freakonomics 200x300

While the number 13 may be unlucky for many, for some here today at the World Series of Poker, 13 will prove to be lucky indeed.  Day 13 of the 2010 WSOP is underway with four events having already hit the felt.  The $1,000 NL Holdem from the weekend is on the secondary final table.  The $1,500 Six-Handed NL is down to its final seven players, just one shy of the final.  The $5,000 NL is in Day 2 and yet another $1,500 NL event kicked off at Noon over in the Pavilion Room.

It'€™s ONLY a Bracelet

The $5,000 NL Holdem event still has around 140 players left and they are playing down to both the money and the final table today.  However, a couple of players seem to have lost sight of the fact that they are playing for a bracelet.

Chris Ferguson is over at his table reading the book “Freakonomics.”  While I seriously doubt that Ferguson is downplaying the significance of a bracelet win or the World Series of Poker payouts, one would think that he would put more focus on the game than on a book.  Then again, he may have such a solid read that he doesn’t need to worry.

However, I am not so certain about this guy.  Odds are this guy may want to focus more on his game.  Not everyone has a computer brain like Chris Ferguson.

God's Debris Might Include Your Chips If You're Not Careful Buddy

Ok, So Maybe This Girl Can Play

Yesterday, I shared how that Shannon Elizabeth started with the table from hell in Day 1 of the $5,000 NL Event.  Many of us agreed that she probably had no shot at a table including Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson, David Williams, Alex Bolotin, Matt Brady, and Dan Heimiller.

Well, we were wrong.  She survived Day 1 and is currently sitting with around 50,000 in chips.  While she is below average, I am very impressed at her being in Day 2 after the way she started Day 1.

I actually got a chance to speak with her about yesterday.  (Yes, I had the balls to talk to her.)  The reason for the table draw from hell was due to the WSOP’s new rules regarding late World Series of Poker registration.  A bunch of pros and herself and registered late, so she was put with the table of death.  She said that she was down to just 3,000 chips at the table of death before they broke her table.  She then was able to rebound and build chips.

Here is a picture for proof of her Day 2 existence.

I'd register late with her anytime.

The Amish Have Landed

Jeff Lisandro is generally known for his fedora hat.  Either he has lost his fedora or he lost a prop bet, because why else would he come wearing the following hat:

Jeff's been spending most his life playin' with Amish pair of dice...

Where is Weird Al when you need him?

Day 13 action continues here at the 2010 WSOP.  I’ll be back a little later to bring you more from what is shaping up to be an interesting day at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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