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WSOP Day 12 Second Update - For the Love of the Game, Remembering Lost Friends, and John Bonetti

9 June 2010, By: compncards
Stud 8 Final Table 430x286
Stud 8 Final Table 430x286

It is late night at the Rio once again and most of the day’s events are in the books. The only thing still going is the $10,000 Stud 8 or Better World Championship final table. There are still five players left, so this one could go all night.

For the Love of the Game

The Stud 8 World Championship final table kicked off at 9 p.m. PDT and I was on hand to take some pictures of the final table. I also decided to rail this event for a little while. The fact that Stud 8 is my favorite poker game is one reason, but the other is due to the fact that a couple of people I knew were also railing.

One of the people that were on the rail was Artie Cobb. I know Artie somewhat loosely from playing some of the smaller tournament sets in Vegas. For those that don’t know the name, Artie is an old school stud pro and Full Tilt Poker red pro. He has four bracelets in stud events. Until last year, Artie had won more in Stud at the WSOP than any other pro. Jeff Lisandro’s three bracelets in stud eclipsed that mark.

There was actually an event in downtown Vegas that both Artie and I have played in the last couple of years. Both of us happened to skip it. I skipped due to working the series. Artie on the other hand was telling me that he skipped it because he and his wife were babysitting his grandson. He said, “He is 8 and loves his grandpa. And that is alright by me.”

Remembering the Fallen

I would be lying if I said that I was paying a lot of attention to the events beyond the stud event tonight. The reality is that someone got hold of me about the death of Paul Kitsos. A couple of different media outlets were outright assholes regarding the way they talked about Paul. I wasn’t close to Paul, but I recognized his picture from my time in Atlantic City. Matt Stout wrote a twitter about Paul, so I got hold of Matt and asked if he would tell me about Paul.

A good poker player, but a better man

Paul was a jovial guy that came across as a “mobster” type, but wound up being a great guy. Matt said that Paul was one of the good guys in the game of poker and that he will miss him. A more in depth article will be posted on tomorrow regarding his death and what type of a man he was.

Remembering John Bonetti

Back in March of 2006, I was playing in my 2nd live poker event ever. I decided to travel out to Los Angeles and play at the Bike. In an Omaha Hi-Lo tournament, I met the legendary John Bonetti. We played together side by side for several hours and I got to know him a bit. I also saw John around during the rest of the event we were at. Many people have a lot of stories about John, and deservedly so, many of them are bad stories, especially if they involve dealers. However, John was always good to me and reminded me a lot of my grandfather before he passed away.

The great John Bonetti

In 2008, I was working the WSOP when I heard that John Bonetti had passed away. This wasn’t a total shock to me. I had not seen John at the WSOP since 2006. He was somewhat on the downturn physically when I met him in 2006, but his mind was sharp as ever. He had a decent WSOP in 2006. For many it would have been a great WSOP with three cashes and nearly $11,000 in winnings. I heard he came out briefly in 2007, but I didn’t see him. I had suspected that the end may have been near at that point.

I can still tell you where I was when I heard that John died. Yes, I wasn’t as close as Phil Hellmuth or others were, but John still left a great impression on me. John was a fantastic poker player and to those that he liked, a good friend. God help you if he didn’t like you though. John Bonetti is missed by many and I will probably think of him every year during the WSOP.

My apologies for not having any funny pics, or any clever one liners for you during this update. However, that is how life is. Some days you have the funny and others life catches up and throws something serious your way.

Tomorrow is the start of the $2,000 Limit Holdem Event as well as Day 2 of the $5,000 NL. The final tables of both the $1,000 NL from the weekend as well as the $1,500 Six-Handed Event are also scheduled. Stay tuned to as we bring you continuing coverage from the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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