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WSOP Coverage Day 8 - Old School Players, Broke Dealers, and Womenz

5 June 2010, By: compncards
Dealers Tell Bad Beat Stories too 430x286
Dealers Tell Bad Beat Stories too 430x286

Day 8 of the WSOP rolls right along. Event #8 is down to their final table, unfortunately without Phil Hellmuth as he busted out in 15th. The $1,500 Pot-Limit Event is down to three tables and steadily working to the final table. The $10,000 Stud World Championship is down to 43 players and it is highly unlikely they will play to a final table tonight.

Dealer’s Run Bad Too

During breaks and before events start, dealers will chat with each other about what is going on in their lives etc. One dealer happened to be near the media tower and I overheard him tell his buddy about the night that he had. Apparently he had made over $500 in dealing satellites here at the WSOP the day before.

Sounds good right? Not so fast. He then proceeded to tell his buddy how that he lost that same $500 in a local cash game. The guy just would not let anything go” he told his buddy. He then proceeded to talk for the next 10 minutes about his luck at the tables the night before. Hopefully that $500 wasn’t needed for bills, because if it was, too late now!

Old School Players

Two of my favorite people on the poker circuit arrived into town yesterday. Al and Judith Green are a pair known by many players, both pro and otherwise. They have been traveling around the country playing poker for the last 15 years or so and are a very charming couple. Al is quite an accomplished player and is adept in all forms of poker. He prefers limit poker games and was here with his friend Alvie to play in the $1,500 Limit Holdem event.

"Detroit" Al Green

At some point, I am going to try and get an interview with Al for the podcast. I tried to talk Judith into doing it as well, but she declined. Judith is a wealth of poker stories, and most of them insanely funny. I will try and share some at some point. Judith is quite the player herself, but she doesn’t play that much anymore due to the fact she doesn’t enjoy it as much. Her and I had a great time talking about old poker stories and the reality of being a poker player.

We Likes The Womenz

The other day someone asked me for a shot of Vanessa Rousso. I spotted her two days ago walking into the Pavilion Room but lost her. I then saw her walk into the $1,500 Limit Holdem event. I then followed her to her seat.

Vanessa Rousso Happy to Get an Extra $5k

She then proceeded to tell the table about how that when she went to collect her money from the last event she cashed in the other night, they told her that she forgot to pick up almost $5,000 in prize money from last year. Obviously she picked it up. She told everyone “So I am freerolling on the day.”

Random Asian Woman

Tomorrow, I am going to actually go and play a Stud 8 event at the Golden Nugget. The 10k Stud final table and the $1,500 PL Holdem event are both tomorrow. Melissa Castello arrived today and she should be bringing you coverage from the Rio tomorrow.

I will be back on Sunday with more coverage. Stay tuned to as Melissa and I bring you coverage from the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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