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WSOP Coverage Day 6 - Nolan Dalla's Prop Bet Epic Fail

3 June 2010, By: compncards
Dalla and Ciresi 430x286
Dalla and Ciresi 430x286

Day 6 of the WSOP is plugging right along. The final table of both the $1,000 and $1,500 NL Holdem are both underway. One of the final tables is on the feature table right in front of the media booth and the rail is rather close to the tables that are still playing the six-handed event.

The reason I mention this is that there has been an extended discussion between two of the Harrah’s staff members about the rail. Charlie Ciresi has been discussing with Nolan Dalla (WSOP's Media Director) about the fact that the rail might be a distraction to the players. The discussion started in the media tower and then headed out to one of the tables. Actually, for a minute we thought that they had entered the $5,000 NL Shootout. Check out the below picture. Charlie has Nolan outchipped.

The seat Charlie was actually occupied by Chino Rheem and the event was on a break. Chino came back and kicked Charlie out of the seat. Nolan’s seat actually belonged to Kevin Stammen. The discussion moved over to the final table area where Nolan briefly spoke with Robbie Thompson about the situation. Robbie is the floor man currently running the $1,500 final table. Charlie’s line to Robbie was classic.

“Robbie. Don’t kiss his ass. He’s being the bad guy.”

Robbie at the 50k Player's Championship.  Not known for kissing ass.

Of course, it was in good fun. The floor staff here are great to work with and while professional, do like to kid around. The end result of the discussion was that the final table will continue as setup.

However, a prop bet was made between the two. Charlie bet $20 that the mass of people at the rail would spread and possibly start hovering above the $5,000 NL players. Nolan matched that bet. Charlie then took off to take care of some business or so I assume. He said he was “going to the pool.”

After about 5 minutes, Nolan stated, “I’m so drawing dead.” Surely, he is. Check out the pic.

Ship it to Ciresi

Nolan then told me that he was going to run if Charlie showed back up. A few minutes later, in walks Charlie and starts heading our way. I point this out to Nolan, and true to his work, he runs.

After Charlie walked off, Nolan returned to Robbie razzing him. He started chanting, “Go Nolan. Go Nolan. Got your game on.”

As you can see, the floor staff has a good time here at the Rio all while being professional and keeping the tournaments humming right along.

Action from both final tables will continue well into the night. The 2-7 Lowball event should play to a final table as well and the $1,500 Event will play until around midnight.

I may take tomorrow off from the WSOP. I am undecided at the moment. In the event I do, I will return on Friday with more coverage. However, Melissa Castello begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting should be in later this evening, so look for her blogs and video coverage starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned to as we bring you more coverage of the 2010 WSOP, all while taking advantage of Nolan Dalla in prop bets.

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