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WSOP Commentary: Duke - Negreanu Feud Becomes Reheated

26 June 2010, By: compncards
Daniel Negreanu1 430x286
Daniel Negreanu1 430x286

It looks like the Annie Duke and Daniel Negreanu feud has become a little bit reheated. Many know about the incident that happened a few years ago where Daniel made some accusations against Duke that became a heated debate around the poker world. Daniel supposedly found “religion” and then apologized for the comments.

Liebert Speaks €œThe Truth€

A video posted by Amanda Leatherman on Youtube in recent month saw Kathy Liebert make some comments about the Duke-Negreanu “relationship” in poker that insinuated that he still hated Duke, but was “playing nice” for the sake of his image.

2010 Ladies Event Controversy

The came this year’s WSOP and the Ladies World Championship. Annie and I have similar views on the event. I think that the event should be a non-bracelet event, and she wants it removed off the schedule. (I will say that would not upset me either, but it must be followed by removing the Senior’s and Employee’s events as well.)

I have read her blog about the event and her tweets. She gives her opinions and even presented the opinions from Daniel Negreanu in her blogs and tweets. She never called him out or personally attacked him or his position. Why then did Daniel spend two blogs attacking Annie and her claim that she is one of the best female poker players on the planet?

Daniel thinks that she is being hypocritical to claim that she is against the WSOP Ladies Event and not other women’s events. He insinuates that her claim that she is the best female poker player in the world leaves a bad taste in people'€™s mouth's much like when Rickey Henderson claimed that he was the “Greatest of all time” after breaking Lou Brock’s stolen base record.

Why the personal attacks Daniel? Are you looking so desperately to matter during this WSOP that you are resorting to attacking individuals and their opinions now? Are you going out of your way to defend your friend Jen Harman? Are you preparing the market for a World Series of Poker iPhone app featuring Annie as a target for pie throwing? Or do you just really hate Annie that much?

As far Duke'€™s claim that she is the best female player in the world, as I have stated in other blogs, I do not believe she is. I do think she is one of the best, but I give the best overall female player nod to Jen Harman and the best NL Holdem female player nod to Kathy Liebert. After those two, Duke is either next in line or right there in my book.

Now when it comes to charity work, Duke is at the top of my list. I cannot even think of one single instance of when I have heard of Daniel Negreanu holding a charity event or even helping to raise money for any cause. It may exist, but I have never heard of it.

Daniel, you are a good player, but you need to give the attacking Annie Duke bit a rest. We know you hate her. I have went back through a month of tweets and blogs to see if she said anything specifically pointing fingers at you or even hinting at retaliating. I couldn’t find it.

You are a great player Daniel, but shit like this is making you look like an asshole. You have a lot of popularity and many fans look up to you. Don'€™t ruin it with malice towards one person.

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  • compncards 30/07/2010 8:51pm (11 years ago)

    I agree with you Kathy, but at the same time, the stuff that is thrown out is what people see. When they continue to see primarily negative things come from one side, eventually that reflects bad on that person. The key here is continue to see from one side. If he has an opinion, say it and be done. Don't harp on it and continue to stir the pot.

  • Kathy 30/07/2010 2:05pm (11 years ago)

    Daniel is hardly the only person with an Annie Duke hate-on. Just because Annie is manipulative enough to play nice for the public doesn't make her a decent human being. I don't think Annie likes Daniel anymore than he likes her, she just serves herself better. Being self serving and manipulative doesn't really merit a pat on the back.