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WSOP 40K Event Kicks Off

29 May 2009, By: compncards
allen cunningham450portrait
allen cunningham450portrait

Today is the day when most people consider that the WSOP truly begins. The $40,000 NL Holdem Event kicked off today to celebrate 40 years of the World Series of Poker. Two highly noticeable players that did not play in today’s event were Gus Hansen and Allen Cunningham.

A lot of players are surprised at the fact that neither player showed up to play in the event. While I can understand that many would think that they would show up, it doesn’t surprise me as much as others. $40,000 is a lot of money and there are softer fields that one can take their shot in. In fact, what surprises me more is the fact that other players are in this event that clearly are outclasses.

Why Are They Here?

For instance, I don’t see how Scott Montgomery really thought he had any type of chance in this event. Yes, he made the final table of the Main Event and has done well in other tournaments. But this is the biggest stage in poker with the best field out there.

Also, I am quite surprised to see that Tom Dwan took a shot at this event. If this was a cash game, then by all mean, I would think his attendance would be required. However, again, I don’t think Dwan has the chops to hang with this group. Of course, Dwan can win the buy-in back in one pot online so it’s not like he really is out of that much money.

Surprise, Surprise

I am very happy to see that Doyle Brunson is playing well. However, this doesn’t entirely surprise me either. Doyle may be old, but he has forgotten more about poker than most will ever know.

The player that has surprised me the most is Chris Moneymaker. He is 6th in chips at the time I am writing this. Granted, he is a Main Event Champion, but I think many agree that he is far from the caliber of many of these players. Whether he is on a massive heater or he has really improved his game remains to be seen. However, for now, he remains the biggest surprise in the field.

Now I will point out that my opinions here are based on comparing these players with other in the same field. I’m not saying these guys can’t play or have “no shot”, but I don’t think they stand the same chance as other players in the field.

Of course, this is poker. Anything can, and eventually does happen. Regardless of what happens, this should prove to be one great start to the WSOP.

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