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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 4 - Flashers, Dr. Kevorkian & Nachos

4 June 2011, By: compncards
Laughing at Flasher
Laughing at Flasher

Day 4 of the World Series of Twitter was the Six-Handed Tweet Final Table.

You didn't know there was a six-handed event? Well, let's call this the "It's Friday and compncards is ready to get off early" event.

Kim Shannon kicks things off in Seat 6. She handled the following situation about as creatively as I have heard:

kimshannon Some lunatic seriously just flashed me his penis in the park. He wanted a reaction, so I gave him one... Shrugged, and said "meh".

I told her that she should have pointed at it and laughed, to which she replied:

kimshannon @compncards I wouldn't have known where to aim. :)

Burn!  Hopefully not literally because then he would need a doctor as well.


Norman Chad makes his 2nd final table this week and is in Seat 5. He shared with us just how bad Jean-Robert Bellande is running:

NormanChad Jean Robert Bellande still running bad – he had an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian next Monday.

RIP Dr. K.  Bad beat JRB.


Elena, aka thegroupie is in Seat 4 and has been having a rough go at the tables since Black Friday.

A friend tried to convince her that her strategy to legalize poker needs rethinking:

thegroupie lol. friend just texted me saying "Drinking is not going to bring online poker back, Elena!" #ibegtodiffer #bottomsup

Play, chat, and drink with the pros.  Or not.


Eric Ramsey is in Seat 3 and retweeted the following from Morros regarding the recently deceased Dr. Jack Kevorkian:

Morros Jack Kevorkian dead at 83. Final stats: 0 points, 0 rebounds, and 130 assists.

About the only thing he couldn't kill off is American Idol. I should file for malpractice. I expect it's a dead issue though.


ebhizzle comes in Seat 2. Apparently Chris Hall took exception to the USA chants directed at Yevgeniy Timoshenko during his 25k Heads-Up semifinal match with Eric Froehlich.

Looks like he had good reason, Timoshenko is American:

@ChrisKPHall Listen closely. The chant has "even though Yev was born in Washington" after it.

Maybe the fans suddenly turned on E-Fro. After all, Froehlich sounds German to me.

Then again, WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan may have shown up out of nowhere. Hoooooooo!!


Notlikeyou decided to jump in regarding the Timoshenko USA chants and takes Seat 1.

@WriterJen reminded Hall that Americans have no shame. However, notlikeyou put everything into perspective:

notlikeyou But we got nachos RT @WriterJen: @ChrisKPHall Welcome to America, sir. We have no shame.

See, everything's better with nachos.  And monkeys.


Well, that's your six-handed final table.  Now it is time for me to go to the hooker bar.

Actually, I lie. I'll probably watch Smackdown.

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