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What is Your Motivation

22 May 2009, By: compncards

What’s your motivation to play poker? At this time, more so than any other, the question of motivation is put to many players, whether it is by themselves or others. Do you play for the challenge? Do you play for the thrill? Or is it just the basic desire to accumulate wealth?

Personally, I am one of those that likes the challenge of the game. I like some type of goal to achieve. When I go out to play poker, I set various goals to achieve during my play. Sometimes I meet them, sometimes I exceed them. Of course, there are times where I fail. Regardless of the outcome, I learn and move on.

I will not say that the money is not a concern at all, but it is not a major motivating factor. While my profile isn’t “superstar” caliber, it is better than a lot of poker players. I like the fact that the world can see what I have accomplished. One of those is my cash in Event #4 of the WSOP, which was the largest live Limit Holdem tournament of all-time. Only 100 people on earth can claim that honor. It may be a minor footnote of history, but it’s still history.

So when it boils down to it, my motivation is ego stroking. I admit it and I am happy with it. I also do not let people tell me what my goals should be or how I should go about achieving them. Giving me tips on how to improve my game is one thing, but beyond that, how I approach poker is up to me. How about you, what is your motivation?

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