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Today is the day

30 May 2010, By: Frank Willburn

Here it is.  Today is the day I play in my very first WSOP event.   And let me say that I am excited.  Yesterday we decided we wanted to play some card, so we went down to the Excalibur and played in the 9am $25 tourney.  There were 49 runners with 33 add-ons.  After playing for almost 2 hours I was knocked out in 9th place.  Bummer they only payed the top 4.  During the game I seemed to get decent starting hands A-K, A-J, A-10, K-Q but it seemed that nothing would hit the flop for me.  The highest pocket pair I had were deuces.  But that is neither her nor there.

After that tourney we decided to check out a bit of Vegas outside of the casinos and strip.  We went to the Sport Chalet to check out some hiking gear, drove out to Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin.  As this is only my 3rd trip out here it was the first time that I got to see all these areas.  I also went to the movies and saw Robin Hood.  Its a pretty good flick.

About 2 o'clock we went down to the Rio to finish up registration and check out the room.  Wow.  Walking into the room the first thing I noticed was the sound of thousands of chips clinking together.  There were a lot of tables and everyone of them were full.  Checking out the screens it showed there were well over 3000 players.   I walked all around trying to see if I would recognize anyone, but I didn't.  I finally noticed that part of the room was for the tourney, part of the tables were playing live cash games, and the part were running single table satellites.  Overall the crowd was very astonishing.  Also, walking through the room it made me excited to start play the next day.  We left and came back at about 9pm, we wanted to see how many players remained.  While we were there they broke the last of the tables on one side of the room.  We stood around and watched for a while seeing several players hit the rail.  When we finally left a little after 10 the screens said there were 550 players left, with two levels left to play.


Well I am going to start getting ready for my day.  If you happen to be out at the Rio stop by and say hello, I will be the one in pink.  You can also follow me @Chip4aChair or twitter.  I will be making updates as long as I am in the tourney.  And remember always play it like you've got the nuts.

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