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It Is NOT Time to Ban Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson From the WSOP

21 March 2014, By: compncards
BanHammer 430x241
BanHammer 430x241

I was listening to Bluff Magazine's "The Rundown" yesterday and they mentioned an article on written by Lee Davy that asked whether Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson should be banned from the World Series of Poker.

The WSOP nor Caesars Have Been Harmed

The first, and most relevant point against the banning of Ferguson and Lederer is the fact that both are in good standing with both Caesars and the World Series of Poker. As players, neither have cheated the company nor behaved inappropriately during their play at the WSOP, or at least not at any level that would warrant a ban.

The WSOP are Not Poker's Police Force

The World Series of Poker, while a private company, are not the police force of poker. They are the premier tournament series of the world and should not be put in the position of policing their players for actions committed outside of the game.

If they behave at the event, let them play.

If You Ban Them, You Have to Also Ban......

If you ban Lederer and Ferguson for something they've done outside of the WSOP, then logically you have to ban many other high profile players.

Mike Matusow went to prison - banhammer

Greg Raymer solicited a hooker - banhammer

Shawn Sheikhan supposedly had a statutory rape charge - banhammer

Doyle Brunson allegedly threw the 1972 World Series of Poker - banhammer

Those are some brief examples. You throw out one, you have to throw out many more and for worse "crimes" than what Lederer and Ferguson did.

Time to Move On

How dare I suggest it is time to move on and let Howard and Chris play? Simple, because none of us were innocent in the Black Friday saga.

We played despite knowing it was illegal for banks to process funds. We sounded the "playing poker is our right" battle cry and told the online companies to virtually shut up and take our money.

We cashed checks for our winnings knowing that our funds were not "investment dividends."

We found ways to get around the inability to deposit funds on sites from our bank accounts.

Some of us played with funds that never came from our bank accounts.

And we were surprised that companies had problems?

Let them play. If you want to "teach them a lesson," then beat them at the tables.

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