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They Had to Get Lucky to Beat Me

15 September 2009, By: compncards

"I keep losing via suckouts." How many times have you been at a table, played your heart out and then either lose a huge hand or are all-in and ahead only to have the player suck out on you? For many of us, more times than we can count or remember.

Do you ever consider that this is a good thing? If you are in a game and the only way that you are losing or being beat is via someone getting lucky, then you are playing very well. Let me give you an example from the 2009 WSOP. I played in the $1k Stimulus Special. I had a decent amount of chips for a good part of the day. I played what I considered nearly perfect poker. Then a pair of hands near the end of day one were my downfall. One hand, a player was all-in against me with pocket sevens and I had pocket jacks. The flop and turn miss both of us and then he hits the river when a seven fell. Later, I was getting short and looked down to A-7 on the button and moved in. The player in the small blind called with A-3. A three hit the flop and I was done. Both times I had to get incredibly unlucky to lose, but that is what happened. I can't complain about how I played or say that I made this or that mistake. I took two beats and lost.

Other times, I will be playing in games and doing well but a huge hand or a huge suckout will cost me big time. In the past, I would complain about how poorly the person played or how bad my luck was. However, now I take more of an approach of "they had to get lucky to beat me." When I can leave a game I lost and that is the only thing that I can say about my play, then I can feel good about my play. There are times where I can walk away and say "this mistake cost me, or that hand I misplayed was my downfall." However, when I can truly look at a game and say "they had to get lucky to beat me" then I know I am playing good poker.

In the end, no matter how well you play, you will get unlucky. Do your best to make sure that they only way they beat you was by being lucky. Good luck to you at the tables.

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