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The Top 50 in the Tournament of Champions Popularity Contest

30 March 2010, By: compncards
Barbara 245x300
Barbara 245x300

If you have voted for the WSOP Tournament of Champions participants, then you know that they are listing the top 50 vote getters. I decided to go through the list and make my comments on them. If they have my vote, I will just note as such. Obviously, give me your thoughts on this.

J.C. Tran- Two bracelets and a long track record at the WSOP. I didn't vote for him, but I won't be horribly upset due to his resume.

Men Nguyen - Has my vote.

Kenny Tran - Great player and the current WSOP Heads-up World Champion. Does that qualify him for this event? Not in my eyes.

Allen Cunningham - Has My Vote

Annette Obrestad - Has My Vote

Eli Elezra - Can't fault people for voting for Eli

David Benyamine - Yes he has a bracelet and some final tables, but not much else. Not deserving yet.

Daniel Alaei - Great player with two bracelets, but this is one where popularity and a WPT title is the only reason he is getting votes.

Alexandre Gomes - I actually witnessed Gomes win his first bracelet. What else has he done before or since. 1 cash for 5k. That's it. Not deserving.

Vitaly Lunkin - A great 2009, but is that enough to get voted into this game?

Dan Harrington - Has my vote

Dario Minieri - One bracelet and one deep Main Event run. Not worthy.

Barry Greenstein - Ok, I can't fault people for voting Barry. If we were voting for all 27 and not just 20, I would have voted him in.

John Juanda - Not a bad choice either. I personally wouldn't have voted him into this first one, but he still is deserving.

Phil Hellmuth - Has my vote.

Phil Ivey - Of course, has my vote.

Jamie Gold - Has my vote based on winning largest Main Event in history.

Doyle Brunson - Only way he doesn't play in this is if he dies. (Although according to his banner, he is already dead.)

Ted Forrest - I like Ted, I really do. I like the fact that people are voting for him.

Peter Eastgate - Of course he is going to get some votes. Not mine though. Yes, he "was" the youngest Main Event winner. For a year.

Howard Lederer - I like Howard and like his play, but really hasn't done enough to put him over the top in the voting. If he gets in, I will not be as upset as some other choices.

Daniel Schreiber - Who? Seriously. Who? I went back and looked him up and still go, who? He has a bracelet yes, and not much else. Who is stuffing the ballot box for him?

David Williams - Second to Raymer and a Stud bracelet doesn't qualify him. If this was the foot fetish all-stars, maybe.

Greg Raymer - Has my vote

Billy Baxter - I am VERY happy to see people step up and vote for Billy. Has my vote.

Chris Moneymaker - Has my vote. I expect he will be in.

Humberto Brenes - You know, I almost feel like a heel for not voting for Humberto. Who doesn't like Humberto on TV? I don't think he deserves the nod, but if he gets on, he will be entertaining.

Scotty Nguyen - Has my vote baby.

Jennifer Harman - This is another choice I cannot fault people on. I was going to vote for her, but ran out of votes. Would be in my votes had we voted for 27.

Freddy Deeb - I respect Freddy's game immensely. Maybe in my top 27. Not in my top 20. However, I wouldn't be against him in the event.

Johnny Chan - Has my vote.

Layne Flack - Has my vote.

Amarillo Slim Preston - Slim wasn't in my top 20, but it would be great for his reputation to make this table.

Sam Farha - Sammy, you're great for poker, but there are others more deserving.

Erick Lindgren - The women would appreciate seeing him at the final table, but hasn't done enough at the WSOP to warrant my vote.

Prahlad Friedman - Putting aside my dislike for Friedman, he hasn't done enough to warrant my vote or play in this game.

David Sklansky - I've played with David and yes, he is a good player, but not exactly "TV material." Others have done more to warrant a spot in my opinion. Now, if this was overall poker, I say put him in.

Erik Seidel - Has my vote and is my favorite to win if Ivey busts.

Chris Ferguson - Has my vote

Tom Mcevoy - While he is the first player to win the Main Event off of a satellite and has another bracelet besides, that isn't enough in my opinion. Yes, he won the Champions Invitational. That was a tournament he deserved to be in.

Daniel Negreanu - If we had 27 votes, I probably vote Daniel in. There is probably a good chance he gets in anyway due to his popularity. There are others much more deserving based on what they have done at the table.

Jason Mercier - Has really been on fire recently, but that isn't enough.

T.J. Cloutier - Has my vote.

Philip Galfond - Great Omaha player, but if you only have one bracelet, you better have done something pretty spectacular in order to get my vote here.

Jeffrey Lisandro - Has my vote

Huck Seed - I am not against Huck being voted in. Great player with four bracelets, including a Main Event. I didn't vote for him, but there were only 20 votes.

Antonio Esfandiari - Good player, but is he really deserving or are people just going for popularity here.

Hoyt Corkins - This good ol' boy is one of the nicest players you will play with and always has a nice (and very polite) cheering section. However, doesn't belong in this event.

Joe Hachem - Pass the sugar! I think Joe has a fair chance to make it in, although I didn't vote for him.

Carlos Mortensen - I wonder if this is due to his record or his recent win. Hard to really talk against putting a player of his caliber in this type of event, but I would rather not see him in this event.

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