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The Poker World Wants to See Mike Matusow Naked

8 May 2010, By: compncards
Mike Naked 313x300
Mike Naked 313x300

A few weeks back, WSOP VP Ty Stewart made a bold prediction that three women would win bracelets in open events.  With the recent success of women in major events, there is a good chance that this could come to fruition.  Mike Matusow isn’t so keen on the idea.  Mike has made the claim that if three women win bracelets, he will run down the strip naked.

I don’t know about you but now I want to see three women win open bracelets.  Before the Matusow comment, I really didn’t care either way.  I think that it is great when women win events, but it is not as special as everyone makes it out to be.  Maybe five years ago or so I would have thought differently, but there are so many strong women players now that one winning an event is not only not that special, but I actually expect it.

But let’s get back to Matusow.  While some don’t like Mikey, I personally think that he is good for poker.  Some players like Phil Hellmuth are the way they are at the table, but it is a “poker persona.”  Mike on the other hand is the way he is all the time.  Players like that are great for the game and I think need to get more coverage.

Too bad the women’s event doesn’t count towards the bracelet count.  Then we would only need two. I do think we will see a woman win an open event or two.  Three may be pushing it.  I only say that due to the sheer lack of volume of good female players vs. good male players.  However, I will be strongly rooting for it.

Run Mikey Run!

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