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Soi Nguyen Interview - November Nine Draws Near

6 November 2010, By: Melissa Castello
soi halloween 400x300
soi halloween 400x300

Soi Nguyen the admitted amateur at the table has not let the money or fame affect his life. He is still working his day job and even though he is the amateur he’s decided to not pursue coaching and has been talking scenarios with poker playing friends Nam Le and Tommy Le.

“The only time I’ve taken off of work was to play in a couple of local tournaments, Legends at the Bicycle Casino which I finished in 34th place and I played at a Bellagio event where I busted out the last level of the first day.”

He know that he’s been shown on ESPN as the amateur as well and finds it flattering that they pitch him in that light and hope to influence and inspire others like Soi to play the WSOP. He hopes however that his opponents will see a different side of him from the coverage that can potentially earn him some respect.

“They’ll see that I’m not afraid to risk my stack when I think I have the best hand, especially when they saw the hand with me against Theo Jorgensen.”

“The hand I played against Jason when I pushed all in with the flush draw was a pretty sick hand to see on TV.”

Since Soi is the newbie and an everyday guy he has won many fans since we last talked in July. So much so that there are even copies of Soi running around the streets of Orange County.

“I actually went to a club for Halloween and bumped into about 20 guys dressed up as me. It was very flattering to say the least.”

When asked who would be coming to rail him for the final table Soi replied,

“How many people can you fit in the Penn and Teller theatre? I’d guess at least 100.”

This can be a lot of excitement for someone away from the poker spotlight to handle but Soi seems to be doing just fine. He is confident going in and will be happy with the outcome no matter what. This is truly a dream come true for Soi Nguyen.

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in four months. I’m hoping come Tuesday I’ll finally be able to sleep.”

Best of luck!

little did he know this would bring him to the final table!

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