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Reasons Why Men Chose to Skip the 2013 WSOP Ladies Event

1 July 2013, By: compncards
WSOP Ladies Event 2013 426x300
WSOP Ladies Event 2013 426x300

The Ladies Event final table is currently playing out at the 2013 World Series of Poker and for the first time in years, this event did not include male participants. Earlier this year, WSOP officials announced that the event would "officially" be a $10,000 event with ladies receiving a $9,000 discount.

Some pointed out that the WSOP was walking a legal tightrope offering the reduced rate but was not challenged prior to the event. Men could have participated if they wanted to, but they had to pay $10,000. They chose not to. Let's take a quick look at some reasons why men chose to skip the event.

Not Enough Value

The first thing that a $10,000 buy-in for men did was effectively make the event unprofitable to play. An average man playing in the event would not have turned a profit unless they made the final table, meaning they had to successfully navigate through a field of 954 players. This has only happened once in WSOP history in the women's event.

Also, the top prize for the event was $173,922. That's a 17x ROI, or not much better than playing a daily casino tournament at some of the larger casinos in Vegas. What used to be argued as "good value" now just isn't worth it.

Equal Rights Argument Apparently Bogus

I won't lie and say that I expected 0 turnout by men in the event. I figured that you would have about 4 to 6 men that decided that they were going to cause a scene and claim the "equal rights" argument that some have argued in years past.

Equal rights is fine as long as it doesn't cost you a lot of money I suppose. If men really were trying to argue the equal rights angle, why wasn't there even one man in the field? Simply put, the WSOP called their bluff and they folded.

Thank You Jonathan Epstein

I watched the stream of the Ladies Event final table in 2011 and made the statement then that JonathanEpstein would be the first, and last, man to final table the ladies event. I've felt for quite a while that it would take someone like Epstein making the final table of the Ladies Event before officials would be virtually forced to take action. Men like Epstein were viewed as an nuisance in the past, but his making the final table served as proof for some that playing in the ladies event was a potentially profitable endeavor.

While it was rumored that WSOP officials were already looking into the issue of men playing in the events, Epstein's appearance surely helped to strengthen their resolve. It took two years to enact the current solution, but his appearance all but guaranteed something would be done in short order.

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