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Pros Robbed of Funds at WSOP - It Didn't Have to Happen

29 May 2014, By: compncards
rio wsop 300x224
rio wsop 300x224

Poking around the poop sheets today and saw that several players have been robbed at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Poker players being robbed during the World Series of Poker. Gee, big shock. Sadly, I've been there too.

Fortunately, the only thing of any real value that I've had stolen was a Mp3 player (with about 200 songs on it. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it was to download all those....)

It still boggles my mind that players still choose to carry large sums of cash on them during the WSOP and leave it in their rooms when there is a safer alternative.

When I go to Vegas to play in a tournament series, I always contact the property to see if they offer a deposit service. I know for a fact that the Rio does (or at least did), as I have used it.

Contact the casino and let them know that you're planning on coming there to play and want to deposit a certain amount of money with the casino.

They will then give you an account number to wire funds to and when you're in town you can draw money off in the form of markers.

I can already see some of you balking at this, thinking that it is "too time consuming," etc. And to be honest, the first time or two that you go through this procedure at the casino it may take a few minutes to verify you and for the cashier to find out that they actually do this.

However, after the first time or two things typically go smoother. At the end of your stay, you can either withdraw your remaining funds to take home or have them wired to your casino.

I've never had a casino charge me for this service and the only fees that I have incurred were bank wire fees. To me, I'll pay $15 (now $18 for my bank) in order to secure tens of thousands (if not more) in bankroll funds.

Of course, you can always play Russian roulette with your money and leave it in your room. Maybe you can make prop bets on how much you'll get robbed during your stay.

I'll take the over.

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