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Poker is a Game of Skill - Except at the WSOP Main Event Final Table

9 November 2009, By: compncards
Suckout Express 213x300
Suckout Express 213x300

Poker is a game of skill.  Ya, ok. Look at the following hands from the Main Event final table and tell me how much water that arguments hold to the average poker fan.

Case #1

A classic all-in situation. Pocket aces vs. pocket kings

The flop is Qs-Jh-Ks

The turn is another kings

GG Kevin Schaffel, eliminated in 8th from the WSOP Main Event final table.

Case #2

Later, the flop is 8h-3c-9h.

Antoine Saout moved all-in and Steven Begleiter made the call. Saout held Ah-Kh and Begleiter made a brilliant call with 8c-7c.

The turn...yup, a heart. Double up Saout

Case #3

Phil Ivey was all-in against Darvin Moon. He had A-K vs Moon's A-Q.

Queen on the flop. GG Ivey in 7th.

Case #4

Steven Begleiter all-in with pocket queens against Darvin Moon with A-Q.

Ace on the River. GG Begleiter in 6th.

Case #5

Joe Cada all-in against Jeff Shulman. Cada holding threes and Shulman with jacks.

Three on the flop. Shulman crippled to 7 Million.

Case #6

A while later, Shulman is all in with pocket sevens and Saout has Ac-9s. Nine on the flop. GG Shulman.

Case #7

Eric Buchman all-in with Ad-5c against the Kd-Jd of Darvin Moon. King on the turn. GG Buchman.

Case #8

Antoine Saout was the chip leader three-handed and in two hands, he was eliminated. First, he had Joe Cada all-in and crushed with pocket queens against Cada's pocket deuces.

Deuce on the flop. Cada doubles up.

The very next hand, Saout all-in and racing with pocket eights against A-K. Cada hit Barry Greenstein, also known as an ace on the river. Saout is eliminated and the suckout express and suckout jr. are playing for the bracelet.

Poker is a game of skill and over the long run, the skillful players will win the most money. Really? Tell that to the two that stand to win $8 Million by sucking out harder than a Hoover. While most of us knows that in the long run, the skillful players win, how much damage do you think the above final table will do to that argument? Poker doesn't have a significant basis in luck? Tell that to the Suckout Express and Suckout Jr.

You will get to see this for yourself on Tuesday on ESPN.

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  • Jimmy 10/11/2009 4:02pm (11 years ago)

    The call with 87 against Saout was not that good cause two overs and a flush draw is favourite there ..