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Pledge of Allegiance Controversy - Poker Players Always Need Something to Bitch About

23 June 2015, By: compncards
Pledge Flag 430x176
Pledge Flag 430x176

Many of you have probably heard about the controversy from the WSOP over the weekend regarding the Pledge of Allegiance being recited before the Seniors Event.

I purposely waited to see the reaction from players and let others have their say. Nolan Dalla provided a well written and insightful piece that I don't completely agree with, but at least he presents it in a level-headed and respectful way.

I'm not Nolan Dalla.

My first reaction to this "controversy" is that poker players are going to find something to bitch about.

First it was the cards, then it was the Colossus, then it was the structure.

The WSOP fixed all of these issues, so what can we bitch about now?

Oh ya, let's pick on one of the kindest men in poker because he wanted to honor the country that has allowed him to dedicate his life to the game he loves.

I read how that people were uncomfortable or offended at the exhibition.

I wonder if this was 1985 as opposed to 2015 whether anyone would have objected.

Yes, I understand that the WSOP is a global brand. However, it is also a brand that was built and expanded up in America.

Players come into Las Vegas to play the WSOP. We have offered events in other parts of the world, but players come to Las Vegas because that is the place associated with the World Series of Poker.

And Las Vegas is located in Nevada, which happens to be in the United States.

I look at what Oklahoma Johnny did as a celebration of where the game has come and to remember the history of the game

If they choose to do the pledge next year, maybe they ask that Americans that feel so moved stand up or something that doesn't make people feel "uncomfortable."

If we can play the National Anthem of the bracelet winner nearly every day of the series, why can't Americans recite the pledge one time during the series.

View it as a tradition started by gratitude instead of selflessness.

Find something else to bitch about. Allen Kessler will be happy to give you tips.

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