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Phil Hellmuth Can Commentate Too

11 November 2009, By: compncards
Phil on the Mic 225x300
Phil on the Mic 225x300

This year’s WSOP Main Event final table broadcast was sponsored by UltimateBet and as a result, most of the commentators on the program had either a tie to UB or to the players on the broadcast. David Chicotsky was in many cased the lead announcer and did a good job for the most part. My main gripe for a lot of the coverage was that the team did not focus on the poker as much as they should have.

That changed when Phil Hellmuth jumped on board and joined the group. Phil focused on the poker to the degree where he actually did his version of “shut up, there’s action.” If any of you have seen Phil on the mic on some of the older ESPN poker broadcasts, you know that he had no problem talking. I was actually very impressed in Phil’s commentary. Not only did he focus on the poker, but he had a genuine enthusiasm in relaying the action that I think is missed by many broadcasters.

Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of great poker broadcasters out there, but after a while, everything they do gets to be very mechanical. Hellmuth takes his brash demeanor and couples it with his poker knowledge to make a great broadcast. He also likes to mix it up with his fellow commentators to enhance their contributions as well.

Personally, I found Hollywood Dave’s contribution to the broadcast to be next to useless. Annie Duke I like as a player but she does tend to butt in a bit much. I honestly could tolerate that as she does usually have some great insight. The other mixes of commentators I could do with or without. Sebok was decent depending on whom he was with, but I always felt he was trying to be cool more than commentate. However, I thought some of the best stuff was with him and Hellmuth together, so if you put Sebok and Phil together, I would be on board with that, especially if they can get to talking about Annie Duke’s sex life.

Phil (Actually referring to chip stacks, but he didn’t specify this when asking): Hey Annie! Does size matter?

Annie: Of course! Why do you think I am with Joe? (Her boyfriend, not Sebok)

Joe Sebok: If I knew we were going to talk about Annie Duke’s sex life, I wouldn’t have come.

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