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One Hit Wonder Sues Harrah's For False Advertising

29 October 2009, By: compncards
Boyer 201x300
Boyer 201x300

Back in June 2007, Sally Anne Boyer, attended a WSOP academy event and afterwards proceeded to win Ladies NL Holdem World Championship at the World Series of Poker.  This win netted her $262,077 and made her the poster child of the WSOP academy with a quote of "The quickest way to your WSOP Bracelet!"  Since then, she has been plastered in magazines and ads worldwide as a successful academy graduate.

There is just one problem with isn't true!!

Sally Anne Boyer filed a lawsuit Monday in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas against Harrah's Operating Co, Inc and Post-Oak Productions, claiming false endorsement and violation of the Nevada right of publicity law.  She is seeking a restraining order, unspecified damages, and recovery of profits associated with name and likeness.

Normally, I wouldn't give a lawsuit of this nature any chance due to the fact that when you play at the World Series of Poker, you literally sign your life away to Harrah's.  In order to play, you sign a waver that explicitly states that they can use you likeness, name, and even can claim the soul of your first born son to sacrifice to the god Hellmuth.  I've personally signed away my soul to them in the three years I played there, so I know it exists.

However, in this case, it looks like Harrah's may have committed a couple of snafu's.  First, it appears Boyer did not actually graduate from the Academy and only attended one day of the two day event she registered for.   Also, it appears that the quote that they have been using from her was not actually from Boyer.  She claims that she never made the claim that the Academy is the quickest way to the bracelet.

This one is going to be a little dicey since she did sign away her likeness.  I don't think she will have a leg to stand on there.  However, if the claims about them using false quotes from her is true, then she may have a leg to stand on with the false advertising.

With that being said, I am also wondering why she has taken so long to do anything about it.  She won her bracelet in 2007 and it is now October of 2009.  It would seem that she would have done something about this before now.  Personally, I am wondering if she is broke and trying to drum up money.  Since she won her bracelet, she has a grand total of 1 cash for $1,300.  Has she became the latest in a list of one hit wonders that win a big event and then fade to obscurity?  Maybe so.  Perhaps that is why she is suing now.

If Boyer's claims are valid, Harrah's would do well to settle on this one.  While many of us don't like signing away our likenesses, that doesn't give Harrah's the right to conduct false advertising.  However, if this is an attempt to drum up some money because she is busto, then she needs to drop this case and move on.  I'll try and keep you updated on this one as future events unfold.

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