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November Nine Kicks Off Today!

6 November 2010, By: compncards
2010 November Nine 430x285
2010 November Nine 430x285

The 2010 November Nine kicks off in just about 12 hours from now.  The hype has been building for months, but more so the past few days.  Twitter is abuzz with players telling people where friends can pickup tickets in the morning and they are taking in all the well wishers, and maybe even some haters.

This is how the WSOP Main Event final table will start tomorrow:

Seat 1.             Jason Senti                               7,625,000

Seat 2. Joseph Cheong                         23,525,000

Seat 3. John Dolan                               46,250,000

Seat 4. Jonathan Duhamel                     65,975,000

Seat 5. Michael Mizrachi                      14,450,000

Seat 6. Matthew Jarvis                         16,700,000

Seat 7. John Racener                            19,050,000

Seat 8. Filippo Candio              16,400,000

Seat 9. Cuong “Soi” Nguyen                 9,650,000

If you read my
November Nine predictions, you know I predicted Racener to take the thing down.  It will be interesting to see where the Grinder finishes.  I figure him to finish around middle of the pack, but if he can build a stack early, he will be a beast.

Play will kick off at Noon Pacific Time, or three U.S. EST.  Play will continue until we get to heads-up.  How long will it take?  That is anyone's guess.  If you have access to ESPN3, you can watch the event with a 5 minute delay there.  Unfortunately, I will not have access to ESPN3, so I will have to find ways to watch the broadcast.

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