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WSOP November Nine Concept Failed

9 November 2010, By: Charlie River
november nine audience
november nine audience

The last couple of years, the WSOP Main Event final table has been delayed until November.

Right from the start it was a matter of debate whether moving the final would make it more or less exciting.

I think the answer is clear now: November Nine is less exciting.

When the Main Event started four months ago, it was the biggest tournament in the world with some 7,000 players. When it starts in November with nine players, it'€™s the smallest.

While the WSOP Main Event could have ended with a big bang in July, in November it ends with a small thud. I’m sure the winner gets a lot less attention for his win this way.

Exciting set-up

Sure, for the November Niners WSOP final table is probably the thrill of a lifetime. And for the audience in the Penn & Teller Theatre it must be a very satisfying experience.

Maybe the interval as such is good for the finalists too. It gives them a certified spot in the spotlight for a few months. Once the final is over, eight of them won'€™t get any attention at all.

And hey, I'€™m sure someone makes a little extra cash thanks to the delay.

Water under the bridges

But for the rest of the world, the WSOP final table in November passes in relative silence.

The WSOP is so far away already. Back in June, some 55 players won their bracelets in the midst of the frantic action at the Rio. At the time it was exciting, you were attuned to following the daily struggle in The Poker Bonanza of the Year.

Since then we'€™ve seen players winning WSOP-E bracelets. We'€™ve seen other players winning WSOP Circuit rings. We had a number of new WPT winners, EPT winners and whatnot.

Now, if one more player wins a WSOP bracelet in early November, it's just not such a big thing.

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